June 11, 2017
Fifth Harmony Says New Album Without Camila Cabello 'Means More,' Shares Advice Kelly Rowland Gave Them

Fifth Harmony isn't allowing Camila Cabello's departure slow down their momentum. The newly-formed quartet is plowing ahead with their release of their third album, which they've kicked off with their newest single, "Down." Fans and critics alike have been curious to see how Fifth Harmony would pick themselves up post-Camila. Would they buckle under the stress of being a member down? Or, would they literally re-group and put all of themselves into their third album?

As evidenced by the release of their new single, Fifth Harmony is doing the latter; and if you ask Normani Kordei, who recently spoke to Billboard, Fifth Harmony's newest album means even "more" to them than previous albums, Reflection and 727.

"We co-wrote more than half of our album. So it means more."
Normani Kordei's comments followed Ally Brooke's breakdown of their new sound.

For the duration of their time as a group, Fifth Harmony has mostly catered to the pop demographic. This time around, Fifth Harmony will explore a variety of sounds.

"We have some strong pop melodies, but also some dark, urban sounds as well as some flavor too, some R&B flares," said Ally Brooke-Hernandez.

"It really is pretty versatile. It's a wide range, and we're really excited because you hear our different elements in this album more than ever before."

"We just can't wait for people to hear it honestly. We put our own music on repeat and that never really happens; we've never played it this much before."

Fifth Harmony perform on GMA
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How Fifth Harmony Has Changed

Normani also shared her thoughts on how she and her groupmates have changed in recent months.

"We're not the same people we were a year ago. We're not even the same people we were two months ago," she shared with People.

"You'll hear our growth and maturity reflected in the music we're creating. We've been working really hard. And this is the first time personally that I've vibed out and turned on Fifth Harmony on my own because I love the songs so much. We've literally been vibing out to our own album."

Kelly Rowland Gave Fifth Harmony Advice

Judging from Fifth Harmony's comments, it would seem that they don't need any help with sticking by each other. Since Camilla Cabello left the group, the four remaining members seem closer than ever. A little advice from someone who has experienced losing a group member couldn't hurt them, however. That's exactly that Fifth Harmony got from former Destiny's Child member, Kelly Rowland.
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"We got advice from Kelly Rowland," Lauren Jauregui told Time magazine on Thursday.
"She's so real and so genuine when she speaks to us. She saw us and was like, 'I'm so proud of y'all for sticking together and being strong together.' She told us, 'Let everything out in your music. Just go in there and write your faces off. Let the music speak for itself.' That was right before we started our album writing process. Her passion for what she was telling us — she was so serious in saying that she believed in us."
"She was part of one of the most successful girl groups of all time who we grew up listening to, and she wrote a lot of music," Jauregui added.
"Knowing that, and hearing that from her mouth, was like, 'We can do this.' We have so much to draw from. We're all so creative. I know we can do this. She validated that."
You can catch Fifth Harmony's full interview with Billboard below.
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