‘Hawaii Five-0’ Season 8 Spoilers: Will Michelle Borth Return As Alex O’Loughlin Plans To Exit CBS Drama?

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 may be setting up the stage for Steve McGarrett’s exit from the team as Alex O’Loughlin has shared his plan to leave the CBS drama. While the 40-year-old actor’s departure from the show has yet to be officially confirmed, many fans are hoping to see Michelle Borth return as Catherine Rollins to give the McRollins ship a final bid.

Alex O’Loughlin is keeping his fans worried over his possible departure from Hawaii Five-0 Season 8. Talks of O’Loughlin’s exit from the CBS series began after the actor talked to Collider about his role on the show and his future plans.

“I’ve decided. Beyond anything else, I don’t want to do any more because I don’t want to kill it. It’s still got some magic left in it.”

Despite O’Loughlin’s seemingly firm decision to leave on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8, the actor said that he will just go with the flow and see how far he can continue playing the role. Part of Alex’s reason for wanting to leave the CBS series is because of the nature of the role that he is playing. During the interview, O’Loughlin shared that he had to undergo stem cell treatments for his spine after sustaining injuries while filming.

“Film and TV is not as important as my life. I don’t think I can physically do any more than eight years,” he added.

When asked whether he has a suitable end in mind for his character, Steve McGarrett, on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8, O’Loughlin said that he does not have any and he is willing to do whatever the writers can think of as long as it is creatively done. This made a lot of viewers worried that O’Loughlin may no longer change his mind and that McGarrett will leave the team next season, especially after seeing the events that unfolded during the Season 7 finale.

Several fans expressed their hope to see Michelle Borth return to Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 to give Steve McGarrett and Catherine Rollins a final chance to be together. While O’Loughlin felt that McRollins’ reunion during the show’s 150th episode has already given them the closure they needed, showrunner Peter M. Lenkov told TV Guide that there is a lot more story to tell on the McRollins romance.

“We’re not looking at it as being finished,” said Lenkov.

“It’s just a story we’re telling along the way.”

This means that if O’Loughlin confirms his exit on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8, Borth may return to the show to help with his character’s departure. After all, McGarrett and Catherine have gone through a lot of things together and Catherine may return once she hears of McGarrett’s illness.

It can be recalled that in the Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 finale, McGarrett told Danny that he went to a doctor and discovered that he is suffering from radiation poisoning. Steve reassured Danny that there are no ill effects of the condition as of the moment, aside from the spells that he is experiencing, but he is sure that there will be more serious consequences later on.

This raised speculations that Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 is setting up the stage for O’Loughlin’s exit since the actor seemed firm with his decision to leave the CBS series. However, per TV Line, showrunner Peter Lenkov addressed a fan’s question on Twitter on McGarrett’s exit from Five-0 next season.

Lenkov also told the aforementioned publication that Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 will go on whether O’Loughlin decides to leave the show or stay. The showrunner explained that he is aware that O’Loughlin’s character plays an important role in the show, but the CBS drama has a few other key characters, such as Danny, which they can focus on in the forthcoming seasons.

Should Alex O’Loughlin and Michelle Borth reunite on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8? Do you think McRollins deserve their happily ever after?

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