OnePlus Defends OnePlus 5's iPhone 7 Plus-Like Appearance And Camera Bump

OnePlus 5 is the hottest talk of the mobile community right now as OnePlus constantly teases its new flagship with regular updates. With the reveals ahead of its official debut, the Android phone is getting praises this early but not without criticisms. Lately, Android fans aired out their qualms at the device's design, causing the product manager to explain the reasoning behind their decisions. According to him, the most logical steps naturally led to its final look.

OnePlus 5 Render Looks Just Like The iPhone 7 Plus

Fans were ecstatic when OnePlus revealed a sneak peek of the OnePlus 5's design in a tweet, showing the upper half of the back. But the excitement quickly turned into disappointment when fans started noticing that it looks just like an iPhone 7 Plus.

Looking at the picture posted by OnePlus, it is hard to ignore the similarities of the flagship's design with Apple's latest flagship. The dual cameras of both phones are placed horizontally with the flash right beside the set-up. The antenna lines have the same forms and are on the same locations. The logos are roughly at the same position. Lastly, the color looks strikingly like the Matte Black option of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

At first glance, it really does look like an Apple product. But looking closely, you can tell the differences but there's not much. The camera bump is smaller and looks smoother than Apple's protruding camera module. The antenna line also looks to be positioned lower and there is more space between the left edge and the camera set-up. Of course, the logo is also different, but that's about it.

OnePlus 5 Product Manager Defends Design

All these criticisms prompted the product manager to take to Chinese Q&A board Zhihu to make some things clear, Android Headlines reported. Although Chinese products are usually regarded as cheap clones, the OnePlus 5 is anything but.

According to him, the camera bump is there because of some compromises they had to make. Equipping a high-quality set-up renders it impossible to have a completely flat camera unless they beef up the phone, and that is something fans would find worse. In order to improve the camera, OnePlus had to put up with a protruding camera, the employee said.

The product manager further clarified that a 2D photo does not reliably represent the actual product. He urged fans to first see it unveiled and then try the OnePlus 5 for themselves so they can properly judge its design.

Moreover, OnePlus has already experienced this before with the OnePlus 3. When it was first unveiled, critics took to saying that it looks unattractive and it has a generic look. But upon getting the chance to try the smartphone, they got to see the good qualities of the phone. Even now, the OnePlus 5's predecessor is widely praised. The product manager said that they are confident that history will repeat itself. Still, these statements do not answer why they chose the same layout.

OnePlus 5 Is Arriving Soon

Fans will get the chance to see what OnePlus 5 actually looks like on June 20. Until then, it may be best to reserve our opinions about its look until then. We haven't even seen the front panel, which should sport thinner bezels if it were to compete with the Galaxy S8's Infinity Display.

Inside the OnePlus 5, there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC and 8GB RAM, which have been confirmed previously in a report from the Inquisitr. There should also be a price tag of about $550 if the speculations are correct.

[Featured Image by OnePlus Press Photos]