‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Scott Worries After Lucy Exposes Him-Will He Lose Everything Because Of Ava?

Scott Baldwin has been getting himself into trouble on General Hospital for many years. Who could forget him crashing Luke and Laura’s wedding back in 1981? He is now an attorney, but he is still as shady as ever. He has now gotten himself in hot water, thanks to Ava Jerome who is lying in a hospital bed fighting for her life. The fallout from Scott’s dealings with her may just land him in a position to where he will need a lawyer himself.

On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Dante brought Lucy Coe into the PCPD to question her about Morgan’s switched up lithium pills. She had that bottle in her possession for months. Dante was ready to book her unless she talked. Once she realized that Scott was the one who replaced the placebo pills with a different strength of the lithium, she was hopping mad and had no issue spilling what she knows. This is bad for Scott. According to spoilers by SheKnows Soaps for Monday, he will be extremely worried about his fate after this all comes out.

Scott Baldwin really should be more worried about Sonny Corinthos. The General Hospital mobster is out for blood. He wants Ava Jerome to pay for what she did to his son. Once he catches wind that Scott was doing whatever he could to protect her by putting the wrong lithium in the bottle, Sonny may just go after him as well. Everything is coming out in the open now and the attorney may just lose everything.

Lucy was furious with Scott when she figured out his involvement with this whole mess. She laid into him, even bringing up his daughter Serena in the conversation. Every time he does something terrible, or even thinking about it, she reminds him that it wouldn’t be good for Serena for him, or her, to be involved in shady dealings.

General Hospital fans are also wondering why Lucy was calling out Scott when she was not quite so innocent herself. She kept the bottle of pills in order to blackmail Ava for months. Lucy kept threatening to go straight to Sonny and Carly to tell them about the pills she found after Ava had thrown them away. She told Dante how conflicted she was about whether to say anything, but she figured the Corinthos family had suffered enough and chose to keep quiet about it since last fall. Now she is appalled that her former flame had helped Ava Jerome hide the truth.

What will Scott do now? He could very well end up losing his license, and may even be arrested for his part in the cover-up. However, he is not saying anything at all, other than trying to keep Lucy quiet.

In the previews for Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Dillon Quartermaine is seen throwing a punch at Scott. It is not known exactly why he does, but Dillon could find out that the sneaky attorney was the one who helped Ava. This whole thing has hurt Kiki since her mother did what she did to Morgan to keep them apart. Now Ava is horribly burned and almost died because she was running scared. Scott was also the one who warned her that Sonny and Carly knew what she did, which is why Ava ran in the first place. Dillon is obviously not happy with Baldwin and knocks him down good.

Scott is definitely in trouble and will have to claw his way out of it. But will it be too late for him? Do you think he should go to jail for helping Ava Jerome cover her dirty deed up? Be sure to catch General Hospital next week to find out what will happen to him.

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