#AmberRoseChallenge: Amber Rose's Bottomless Pic Gets Public Support, Pictures With 'Bush' Viral On Instagram

Amber Rose's bottomless picture that showed her pubic hair was pulled off by Instagram authorities, as it did not apparently follow its nudity policy. While the 33-year-old former stripper got enough brickbats for her little stunt on social media, her efforts to promote "The Amber Rose SlutWalk" found enough support from her fans as well.

Now, people are sharing pics with "bush" around their genitals. However, people are well aware now that IG does not allow those pics. So, they are showing their support for Amber Rose's unshaven pubic hair by posting symbolic images that Insta authorities can't take off. Rose has shared a number of such images on her Instagram account. Interestingly, not only women but men are also posting such symbolic pictures to show their support for Amber Rose.

The so-called "Amber Rose challenge" encourages people to post their version of her controversial image, which was taken off Instagram but remained on other social media accounts including Twitter. People are showing their support with the hashtag #AmberRoseChallenge that apparently promotes body positivity and feminism. The idea is not to conform to society norms on how people should dress up, shave, and live their life. The public support for "not shaving the pubic region" seems quite popular, as thousands of people have liked such pictures on Instagram.

Amber Rose's bottomless picture that showed her pubic hair was pulled off by Instagram.
Amber Rose's bottomless picture that showed her pubic hair was pulled off by Instagram. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Other hashtags like #bushlivesmatter are also trending on social media. People have started sharing other photos of Amber Rose that show her "unshaven" look. One of such photos shows the mother of 4-year-old Sebastian taking a sun bath. Amber Rose flaunts her bottomless body, with exposed pubic hair. Interestingly, Instagram has not taken off the image even nine hours after it had been posted. Many people apparently "love the bush" flaunted by Rose.

Elke has shown her support for Amber Rose by posting a symbolic image on her verified Instagram account. According to her, life is too short not to have fun. She believes Amber Rose can do no wrong. After all, it's her body and her life. Nobody has to agree with her on the way she lives her life. Elke placed a "bunny" on her private parts in the image and asked people not to judge others.

Some people are showing their support by posting the same Amber Rose bottomless image that had earlier been deleted by Instagram. They are apparently taking the #AmberRoseChallenge by pushing IG laws. Insta authorities will surely have a tough time if thousands of people start sharing Amber's controversial bottomless image.

My Boss Shoes @amberrose #amberrosechallenge #amberroseslutwalk

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Some other people are showing their support for Amber Rose by posting an edited version of the image. Some of these people completely covered the model with tops and long skirts.

One of the video clips makes fun of the "Amber Rose bush." In the slapstick version, a man chops the overgrown hair of his partner with a chainsaw. One of the comments says that having an unshaven pubic area is so much a thing of the '70s.

People are taking the #AmberRoseChallenge by pushing Instagram laws.
People are taking the #AmberRoseChallenge by pushing Instagram laws. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, Amber Rose seems totally unfazed by the controversy around her bottomless pic. While some people tried lecturing her about how she should bring up her kid, she does not seem to care much for the tips. She went out with son Sebastian in Los Angeles on Saturday, apparently showing the world that she was aware of her responsibilities as a mother.

According to the Daily Mail Online, Amber Rose wore a lacy black top that revealed her massive cleavage. The tight black pants, with a studded belt, showcased her hourglass figure. As Rose has already stated it on Instagram, she does not give a f*ck about IG authorities. Apparently, she has the same feeling for her haters too.

Pumpkin and I jammin to @chicagotheband Thanks for everything!????

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