Beyonce Prepares For A Home Birth: How Much Are She And Jay-Z Spending On The Twins' Arrival?

Treva Bowdoin

Beyonce is planning a home birth unlike the world has ever seen. She's not going to leave the comfort of her pricey rental property when she goes into labor, ensuring that her twins will arrive in style.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are reportedly spending about $127,500 a month to reside in a Beverly Hills rental property that was once owned by Madonna, and this is where Queen Bey plans on giving birth to her twins. According to the Mail on Sunday, she and Jay-Z opted to go the home birth route in hopes of avoiding the "negative publicity" that surrounded the arrival of their first child, Blue Ivy. Blue was born at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, and her parents were criticized for bringing a large, protective entourage to the hospital with them. Members of this group allegedly blocked visitors from entering the hospital, and Refinery 29 reports that some patients complained about being "almost restrained" and separated from their children.

Lenox Hill Hospital says that it received no complaints, but Beyonce seemingly saw some of the negative comments that angry patients and visitors made to the press. By giving birth at home, the mama will avoid any similar drama, and she'll also be taking part in a growing trend. As the Tennessee Ledger reports, home births have become popular in recent years as more and more mothers-to-be decide that they want to give birth naturally and avoid the hassle of rushing to the hospital as soon as their water breaks. Most mothers who give birth at home do so with the help of midwives, but Beyonce isn't embracing the "earth mother" stereotype by trying to avoid medical intervention and birthing her twins in a wading pool. Instead, she's spending big bucks on bringing an entire medical team to her mansion to tend to her every need.

"It is all about privacy and safety," said one of Jay-Z and Beyonce's neighbors. "It's not usual for someone expecting twins to have them at home, but Beyonce has discussed it with her doctors."

Beyonce and Jay-Z had to make sure that they chose a big room to turn into a temporary neonatal wing. According to People, extra medical staff are always on hand to help deliver twins. This includes a second obstetrician who will monitor the twins via ultrasound and jump in to help if an emergency C-section is required. Each baby will also get his or her own team of nurses and physician assistants.

There's reportedly been a lot of activity going on around the mansion-turned-maternity ward in recent days, so Beyonce's due date is likely getting very close. However, TMZ notes that Jay-Z was in Jamaica on Friday recording music, so he obviously wasn't concerned about the twins arriving on that date. Perhaps he wasn't aware that women who are pregnant with twins often go into labor early.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]