‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 94 Review: Golden Frieza Proves That Sidra And Quitela Are Making A Grave Mistake

In anime such as Dragon Ball Super, there are build-up installments that are just as poignant and intense as saga-defining episodes. DBS Ep 94, which featured the return of Frieza and the initial gathering of the Universe 7 fighters, is definitely one of them. From its first moments featuring the U7 fighters berating Goku for recruiting the notorious villain to Frieza’s transformation to his Golden form at the end, Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 was a blast, proving to be one of the best episodes of the ongoing Universe Survival Arc to date.

The recruitment of Frieza has always been a particularly tricky subject among Dragon Ball Super fans, especially since Toei Animation has featured Majin Buu as the 10th Universe representative fighter for months now. Despite this, however, the recent episodes definitely suggested that the beloved pink fighter would indeed be replaced by the iconic villain, who would be resurrected for only 24 hours to participate in the Tournament of Power. As revealed in DBS Episode 94, however, Frieza only agreed to join the Universe 7 team under the condition that he gets fully resurrected if U7 comes out on top in the upcoming multiverse battle royale. Being the way he is, of course, Goku agreed to the villain’s terms, much to the chagrin of his teammates.

Being a build-up episode, Dragon Ball Super Ep 94 also featured the other U7 fighters as they prepared for the Tournament of Power. A particularly interesting scene involved the reunion of No. 18 and No. 17, which proved to be incredibly awkward for the hapless Krillin, as well as Goten and Trunks being given the responsibility to protect Android 17’s island from illegal poachers in the area. By the end of the segment, the two young Saiyans and Marron, Krillin, and No. 18’s daughter were left in No. 17’s island to protect the wildlife there, and things looked dreadful for the poachers nearby.

One thing that stuck out among avid fans of the anime in online forums such as Reddit, however, was No. 17 and Piccolo’s interaction as soon as they met. The two powerful fighters had a pretty intense rivalry back in Dragon Ball Z, and when Piccolo stepped forward to meet the former villain in the recently released episode, many fans initially thought that they would start sparring. When both fighters opted to shake hands and recognize each other as allies in the upcoming Tournament instead, however, very few could deny that the moment was filled with a lot of nostalgia.

If there is really one thing that struck fans most in the recently aired episode, however, it would be Frieza’s actual return to the mortal world. As soon as he was physically resurrected again, the first thing he did was punch Goku in the gut, telling the Saiyan that his hand must have “slipped.” When Goku returned the favor, fans of the long-running anime were treated to what may have been the first signs of a possible friendly rivalry between the two formidable fighters. It was then, of course, that hundreds of fodder from Universe 9 showed up, and Frieza got what he called his “warm-up” session before he heads off for the Tournament of Power.

During DBS Episode 94, Quitela of Universe 4 masterfully played Sidra of Universe 9, influencing the latter so much that the God of Destruction sent his warriors over to Universe 7 in an attempt to assassinate Frieza even before he gets to the other U7 fighters. As proven by the villain’s actions in the final scenes of the anime, however, Sidra seems to have grossly miscalculated the villain, as the scores of assassins he sent to destroy the formidable fighter might very well end up decimated.

Dragon Ball Super might not be progressing anywhere close to the pace of the Future Trunks arc. Despite this, however, the Universe Survival Arc has largely been satisfactory with its storytelling so far. With Ep 94, however, the anime has managed to pull off an episode that, while being a build-up to the Tournament of Power, looks and feels like an episode from the climax of an entire saga.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]