Katy Perry Gets Candid About Battle With Suicidal Thoughts And Alcoholism In Livestream Therapy Session

Katy Perry’s newest album, Witness, dropped this weekend, and the star has decided to promote it by doing a bizarre live streaming session. During the session, which has been posted on YouTube, Perry has gotten candid about some pretty intense stuff recently, including her current feud with superstar Taylor Swift.

“Well, James Corden makes me and the whole world feel very safe. No one has asked me about my side of the story, and there are three sides of every story: one, two, and the truth,” she said.

However, she elaborated to magazine NME.

“I wish that I could turn the other cheek every single time, but I’m also not a pushover, you know? Especially when someone tries to assassinate my character with little girls [her fans]. That’s so messed up,” she stated.

And now Katy is continuing to be an open book by doing a livestreaming therapy session with celebrity psychologist Dr. Siri Sam Nam Singh.

According to Katy Perry during her incredibly raw session, she told the psychologist that the superstar she has become is somewhat of an alter-ego. She has revealed she feels very torn between the celebrity the public expects her to be and the person she is inside, which is likely very common for most celebrities.


The singer also got incredibly personal about her battle with depression, which evidently led to struggling with personal demons of alcohol addiction. In the live therapy session, someone can be heard cautioning Katy Perry not to open up that much to her fans, but she decided to keep going and be open and vulnerable with her fans.

“I wrote a song about it. I feel ashamed that I would have those thoughts, feel that low and that depressed. You can be right or you can be loved; I just want to be loved,” she told the therapist amid tears.

The star also admitted that she has struggled with suicidal thoughts in the past, though she buried them deep. She also stated that the 2013 song, “By the Grace of God,” from her album, Prism, addressed her suicidal thoughts and depression issues.

Katy Perry’s real name is Katheryn Hudson, and she has explained that she sees Katheryn Hudson as an expression of her true self, with Katy Perry as an expression of her celebrity alter-ego.

She also confided in her therapist that the reason she underwent the drastic new haircut was because she didn’t want to continue to look like Katy Perry anymore, and instead wanted to look more like she felt inside.

“I’m a bit more nerdy than everybody things I am. I’m a big goofball. The fantasy of Katheryn went into Katy and made this bigger than life personality. That’s the point of this whole thing, if people can see I’m just like them they can dream just as big,” she explained.

Although her handlers worried that Katy Perry might have gone too far with her oversharing, fans responded to it well.


“I love you as Katherym Hudson. I love you as Katy Perry. I love you with long hair and I love you with short hair. Always,” one fan gushed to her.

“I’ve gained so much respect for Katy Perry. Her therapy session and allowing the world to witness her… my heart breaks seeing her sadness,” another wrote.

Recently, Katy Perry also got candid with her sexuality, telling fans that she was raised in an ultra-religious household, but that she has always had feelings for both men and women.

“For instance, ‘I kissed a girl and liked it.’ Truth be told… I did more than that. How was I going to reconcile that with a gospel-singing girl raised in youth groups that were pro-conversion camps?” she confessed.

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