‘My 600-lb Life’ Amber Update: Amber Rocks A Model-Worthy Look As She Completely Slays Life

Amber Rachdi has always been one of the most memorable patients ever featured in My 600-lb Life. Over the course of the hit reality TV show’s run on TLC, numerous subjects exhibited stubborn behavior, disobeying their diet plans, neglecting their health, blaming other people for their weight and showing very little discipline. Amber did none of these things. While she had a boyfriend who was a classic enabler and parents who did little but pity her, Amber admitted flat out that her weight, which was at 660 pounds then, was nothing but her fault. During her first featured episode, she was treated badly several times, but she still refused to play the blame game. She knew that if she had to change, her improvement would have to start from within.

Since being featured on My 600-lb Life, this is exactly what Amber has done. Despite weighing 160 pounds when she was just 5-years-old, Amber mustered up enough courage, honesty, and determination to qualify for Dr. Now’s gastric bypass surgery. She went through the risky operation bravely, and after that, her weight started dropping, and dropping even further. Now, Amber seems to have gotten rid of everything weighing her down, unhealthy foods and enabling boyfriend included. Needless to say, her transformation since then has been unbelievable, and that is speaking without any hyperbole.

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Amber has been very active on social media, both on Facebook and Instagram. She has garnered quite a following, with her personal Facebook page having more than 20,000 followers and her Instagram profile being followed by more than 25,000 users. While she has not provided her exact current weight due to her commitments to TLC and the hit reality TV show, she has stated on her Instagram account that she has lost roughly 400 pounds since she was featured in My 600-lb Life.

One thing that has really attracted the attention of many viewers and avid fans of the show was the fact that Amber, for all intents and purposes, looks like a model now. She has always had a pretty face despite her morbid obesity a few years back, but with all the weight gone, she would not look out of place in a magazine spread at all. While most of her selfies and more recent pictures have been uploaded to Instagram (she calls them “gratuitous” selfies), her Facebook page does continue to tell her story.

If any, her Facebook posts do give some clues about her current weight and her personal life. For one, she has shared a particularly nasty exchange with an overreaching follower on her personal Facebook page, and during her response, she mentioned that her husband was the one scanning her social media messages for press release requests and the like. Thus, while she has broken up with the enabling boyfriend who was featured on the show, Amber appears to have found love once more and has settled down. Of course, the word “husband” might simply be a term of endearment for a boyfriend, but nevertheless, it definitely seems that she has moved on and found a far more deserving partner.

Apart from this, she also responded to a Facebook follower who asked about her clothes’ size. During this interaction, Amber stated that she sometimes wears her husband’s 40×30 jeans, which are practically just a fraction of what she used to wear when she was first featured on the show. After all, if Amber’s Instagram page is any indication, it appears that store-bought clothes perfectly fit her now, and she looks perfect in them.

Amber is yet another success story in the long-running, critically-acclaimed TLC series. Considering the progress that she has enjoyed since first appearing on My 600-lb Life, she definitely appears to have taken back her life and pushed obesity out the door with an authoritative smack.

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