Did James Comey Slither Into $10 Million Book Deal With Hollywood Movie In Tow?

They’re calling it a “golden parachute,” unlike anything that Washington has seen before as the nation’s top publishers are vying to make a book deal with James Comey. This is coupled with a $10 million payday already in the wind for a future book penned by the former FBI director. That’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what Hollywood wants to do with Comey’s life story.

According to the Daily Mail, the publishers are wheeling and dealing to get the rights to publish a book they are hoping Comey will pen. One editor, who has been involved with publishing some of the top novels that have made it to the top of the bestsellers list of the New York Times for nonfiction, claims he’s been authorized to offer Comey $10 million to publish his book.

That $10 million advance is a drop in the bucket because insiders within the publishing community see this future book as having all the intrigue within its pages to sell at least a million copies. What these publishers want is a life story from Comey. They also want him to include in this book his own story behind the Hillary Clinton email investigation and his recent dealings around President Trump. This is the same information that came out of the Senate hearing on Thursday and it still has the country talking today over what Comey had to say. They hope Comey will go a little deeper into what he said at the hearing without crossing the line of telling tales out of the classified information.

The book deal is just one of the offers Comey will navigate through with the country’s big name publishers, as Hollywood is already talking about the actors for the players in a movie they hope Comey will go for as well. A lucrative book deal will surely have a movie in tow. The Daily Mail spoke with a “prominent movie-TV agent, who told them that he is already aware of one “top draw” producer talking about the type of actor that he envisions to play Comey. They feel another “Duke” figure minus the horse is needed to do justification to the hero-like performance Comey gave on Thursday.


What this one producer wants is a tall, good looking guy who possesses the assets along the lines of John Wayne and Jimmy Stuart. They want an actor who can play a hero-type for Comey’s character. This unnamed producer spent all-day Thursday watching Comey’s testimony before the Senate hearing. Comey “mesmerized” this producer, according to the Daily Mail, and the visions of a bestseller started to dance in this moviemaker’s head.

Comey had plenty of thumbs up for his appearance on Thursday, but he also had a large number of thumbs down for his behavior and the disclosures he made. A “performance of a lifetime,” was how the New York Times critiqued Comey’s testimony and the Washington Post called Comey a “Hero Villian” along with a “Shakespearean Character.”

Another top editor talked about the document Comey released before the Senate hearing which chronicled his meetings with Trump, along with the other topics that were to be discussed at the hearing. This book editor said when that document hit his desk he knew he had to have a book deal with Comey, cites the Daily Mail.


Comey has shown some talent with writing in the past, which was seen with his work as s a student journalist when he attended William & Mary College. He wrote a three-part series for the campus newspaper “about the retaining and recruitment of African-American students.” So penning his life story could be right up Comey’s alley now that it is known he has the talent to write and he has a life story full of extremely interesting events to share even before stepping foot in Washington.

When Comey was just a teenager of 16, he and his younger brother were the victims of a home invasion by a man with a gun. This man held a gun on the two boys and locked them in the bathroom of their New Jersey house while he robbed the place. This terrifying event was the last for that gunman, who was also a rapist breaking into homes and raping babysitters.

Comey called the police and later worked with a sketch artist so police could see what the victim looked like. It was that sketch that led them to the suspect. The suspect was known at the time as the “Ramsey Rapist.” Comey shared this story during an interview with 60 Minutes years later when he was just appointed the director of the FBI.

He spoke on how terrified he was at the time because he honestly thought this guy was going to kill both him and his brother. He said that no one was physically harmed, but there was harm done. Every night for the next five years that’s all Comey could think about. While horrifying, Comey does credit the event for making him a better prosecutor and investigator in his career. He was that prosecutor and investigator who could actually feel how the victims were feeling through the years.

There’s plenty of backlash from this reported potential book deal and Hollywood movie today. President Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski appeared on Fox & Friends Weekend Saturday morning and he sees Comey in a bitter light. Lewandowski accuses Comey of being a liar who is out to make money penning a book, reported the Hill.


After stating how Comey did pretty well in his career in Washington, Lewandowski said, “And what we saw this week – I’m shocked by this news – is Jim Comey’s about to sign a $10 million book deal, right?” he added. “It’s amazing how these guys go from government service to multi-millionaires, and people wonder why Washington is broken.”

One literary agent did say to the Daily Mail that Comey is going to have “the biggest Washington golden parachute ever.” This was in reference to the potential book deal that comes with a $10 million advance for the publishing rights to Comey’s book. The Daily Mail was first to report on the book deal festering with many of the publishers right now as they wait to see if Comey will go for it.

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