Kevin Owens Reveals Dream Opponents For Future ‘WrestleMania’ Matches

Kevin Owens has surpassed the expectations of what most fans believed he could accomplish during his run with the company. His talent was never in doubt, but a lot of people thought he wouldn’t be considered a top guy in WWE because of his look and his heel persona. However, Owens has won every singles title in WWE aside from the WWE Championship. On paper, it’s only a matter of time before he holds that title as well.

Despite all of his success over the past three years, the current U.S. Champion also has high expectations for himself. During a recent interview with NOLA, Owens revealed his goals that he has yet to accomplish in WWE but also revealed his dream opponents that he would like to face on the grandest stage of them all.

“If you say the past, it’s Shawn Michaels hands down. If you say present, Sami Zayn and I have had such a rich history, I feel like a one-on-one match at Wrestlemania would be so perfect. But there’s also Finn Balor. He’s probably the one guy if I could sit across from in the ring at WrestleMania, that would make my career. Finn and I got to WWE at the same time, and we dived into an unknown territory. We gravitated toward each other very quickly. He’s like a brother to me now.”

Finn Balor Sami Zayn and Shawn Michaels Were All Mentioned By Kevin Owens As Wrestlemania Opponents
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First and foremost, The Heartbreak Kid is regarded as the best in-ring performer of all time. Anyone who is anyone would want a match of the grandest stage of them all with Shawn Michaels. However, Kevin Owens is one of the best heels in the industry. In his prime, a match between Michaels and Owens would have been something truly special for the WWE Universe. Michaels vs. Owens would have been a wonderful match.

The rivalry between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn has transcended over the past 15 years and spanned across several promotions in the industry. On paper, Owens vs. Zayn has earned a place in wrestling history and a match at WrestleMania would be the ultimate culmination of their rivalry. A singles bout between the two men is still a possibility. Considering their WWE history, their match may actually be a matter of time.

Kevin Owens and Finn Balor have some history together in NXT. Their feud was pivotal to the NXT brand over the summer of 2015. Balor vs. Owens was the main event of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and their rivalry will continue on WWE television sooner rather than later. A feud heading into WrestleMania could happen at some point, but their friendship behind the screen will be the foundation of their feud over the rest of their wrestling careers.

Kevin Owens Will Face AJ Styles at WWE Backlash
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WWE officials are extremely high on Kevin Owens. He has overperformed on WWE programming since his debut. Many people were expecting him to become a midcard champion, but his first victory over John Cena made him a top guy immediately. Owens’ work as a heel over the past two years has made him irreplaceable to WWE’s roster. There is no question that he’ll continue to overperform with WWE over the coming years.

Potential matches with Sami Zayn and Finn Balor on the grandest stage of them all are interesting for a few different reasons. Each dynamic has its own connection with the WWE Universe. A lot of people would love to see Kevin Owens face many different opponents at WrestleMania, but only time will tell. The important thing is that WWE officials continue to present Kevin Owens as one of their top performers in the future. As a result, he will continue to have great matches for the company and make history on WWE’s biggest stage.

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