Josh Duggar And Anna Duggar Loved By ‘Jill & Jessa Counting On’ Fans And Family Despite Molestation Lawsuits

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar and baby 2017

Josh Duggar and his wife Anna are suffering through multiple lawsuits right now. However, they are still trying to put their best feet forward as they continue to become more visible on the family Facebook. With Anna heavily pregnant with Josh’s fifth baby, the family is trying to show that they are still united, despite all the molestation charges and lawsuits.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar invited their eldest son’s family along to an outing to Silver Dollar City, a popular amusement park destination. When they posted pictures from their fun day, with their kids and grandkids, most of the fans were willing to show their support for Josh and Anna.

“I’m so thankful that you guys post photos with Josh in them now,” a fan called Katelyn Marie Caswell commented on the picture. “I know people aren’t forgiving, but the Gospel says that Christ saves and redeems! I think this is a great stand saying, ‘We are not ashamed of the Gospel!’ God is faithful!”

Anna Duggar was showing definite signs of her third-term pregnancy, as she enjoyed an amusement park ride with her youngest, Meredith.

Many praised Anna’s resilience through all the hard times and how difficult it was to keep her family together.

“Anna, what a wonderful example of God’s love and grace you are,” Winslow Dixon wrote. “Good to see you smiling!

The family picture also garnered a lot of support from the fans. A year ago, these pictures would have filled up with comments that talked about Josh’s infidelity, pornography addiction, and molestation of his sisters, Jill, Jessa and Jinger, but now, the fans are much more willing to accept the fact that he is a proud part of the Duggars now.

“Good to see Josh back in the family pictures,” Stacy Lifsey wrote underneath the photo. “People fall from grace and make horrible decisions. He truly seems to be trying to change. We should show him the same grace we were given by Christ.”

But not all fans were willing to forgive and forget.

“I don’t know about change with Josh’s participation in the recently filed lawsuit,” Ronald Medeiros wrote. “Sounds like retribution to me.”

When it comes to the family reality TV show on TLC, Josh and Anna Duggar are still not allowed to appear. When his younger sister Joy-Anna got married just this past month, the whole family took to Facebook and blog to record sweet video messages for the newly married couple. Jinger with her husband Jeremy, Jill with Derick, Jessa with Ben, and many more made video to congratulate the new couple.

However, Josh and Anna were nowhere to be seen, and Jill & Jessa Counting On fans noticed.

“No congrats from Josh & Anna and the kids? They are still part of the family,” Becky Masker wrote in the comment section of one of the photos posted on family Facebook. “It would be nice to see them once in awhile! :)”

The fact of the matter is that in less than two weeks, the 29-year-old Duggar has to show his face in court to address a lawsuit.

“Josh Duggar is heading to court on June 22 […] to face off with the man whose photo he used for his secret dating and hookup accounts,” reported Radar Online. “After the 19 Kids & Counting star’s double life was exposed, McCarthy sued him in August 2016 […] McCarthy claims that being connected to an admitted child molester and adulterer would be highly offensive to a reasonable person.”

The story goes that Josh Duggar used McCarthy’s picture for his profile on Ashley Madison, a popular website that people went to have extramarital affair. It was hacked in 2015, and Josh’s profile immediately came into view.

Despite all his shortcomings, it looks like the fans of Duggar family are willing to forgive him.

Do you think it is only a matter of time till Josh and Anna make their way onto the TLC show? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Josh Duggar/Twitter]