Did A-Rod Book A Sex Date With Mistress Behind Jenifer Lopez’s Back?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have hit a snag in their relationship and her name is Lauren Hunter. At least that’s according to an article published in Radar Online, which claims that Rodriguez and Hunter arranged a “sex date” with the retired baseball star.

According to Radar, A-Rod has said that he hasn’t spoken to Hunter in years. But the article claims that there’s a flight itinerary for November 2, 2016, which clearly shows that her ticket was provided to her by Rodriguez through his assistant.

Based on the itinerary that Radar published, Rachel Hunter was in Cleveland Ohio at the same time that Alex Rodriguez was there for The World Series. It’s public knowledge that A-Rod was in Cleveland at the time because he posted about it on Instagram.

According to Radar, the phone number on the itinerary document belongs to Alex Rodriguez assistant.

Radar had originally published raunchy alleged text messages between Rachel Hunter and Alex Rodriguez. The texts originally published in The National Enquirer.

According to Radar, Hunter said that Rodriguez is a “serial cheater” who enjoys rough sex. She also called his relationship with Lopez “fake” claiming that there was no real attraction between him and the 47-year-old singer.

This recent release of text messages could be linked to a previous story about the former Yankees player being extorted by an old flame.

According to TMZ, an ex-girlfriend tried to extort money from A-Rod by jeopardizing his relationship with Lopez. The article states that she asked for $600,000, but A-Rod decided not to pay her. TMZ reported that Rodriguez intends to take the woman who is extorting him to court if she continues to threaten him.

While Rachel Hunter isn’t named in the TMZ article, given the timeline of events, it’s easy to assume she’s the ex who A-Rod claims was extorting him.

As for Jennifer Lopez, she’s standing by her man, TMZ reports. Another article on Radar Online claims that she is turning a blind eye to his “cheating.”

“Jennifer is completely delusional right now,” a reported “insider” told Radar Online. “She reached out to her friends after the news of Alex and his mistress broke, but she wasn’t reaching out to ask for advice.”

The “Get Right” singer has allegedly been asking friends to ignore the rumors that are coming out.

“Instead, she wanted to make sure to tell all of her friends not to believe any of the stories that they are reading right now!”

The “insider” said that Jennifer is blind to how much of a “creep” A-Rod is.

“Everyone knows what a creep he is, but she will turn against anyone who goes up against the perfect image she has created for the two of them,” the insider explained.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez went public with their relationship in March of this year. According to People Magazine, when they made the announcement about the relationship, they had been dating for a “few weeks.” During a subsequent appearance on The View, A-Rod confirmed that they were indeed dating and they recently appeared together on the red carpet at the Met Gala in May.


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