Rick Ross Cancels North Carolina Tour After Receiving Death Threats

Rapper Rick Ross has canceled a number of appearances in North Carolina after receiving death threats from a gang, according to The Huffington Post

A group known as The Gangster Disciples posted a series of YouTube videos which were targeted at the rapper and his Maybach Music Group. The gang, which describes themselves as “Maybach killers,” urged Ross to reconsider his plans to perform in the state of North Carolina.

Rick Ross took to Twitter to announce that tour stops in the state had been canceled. Instead of mentioning The Gangster Disciples, the rapper pointed the finger of blame on his promoters.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said on Wednesday that they were aware of the threats against Ross and were keeping a close eye on the situation.

The group is reportedly unhappy that Ross mentioned their leader in one of his songs. They were also upset by the use of the Star of David on the cover for the rapper’s mixtape The Black Bar Mitzvah.

The Charlotte Observer reports Rick Ross was scheduled to perform in Charlotte and Greensboro this weekend. Live Nation Entertainment explained fans can begin collecting ticket refunds on Friday.

Minister and Hip Hop journalist Paul Scott told the Observer that fans and parents should take these threats against Ross seriously.

“I think fans should be concerned. I think the parents should be concerned because you never know,” Scott said. “Hip Hop does not represent the real street, the commercial Hip Hop that Rick Ross promotes represents Wall Street and Wall Street cares nothing about the loss of human life if they can make a dollar.”

Scott added, “No one took the Tupac Notorious BIG beef seriously until they were both dead.”

Are you a fan of Rick Ross? Do you believe the cancellations were centered around death threats made by The Gangster Disciples?