Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ To Become A Stage Musical

The 2006 fantasy and drama film Pan’s Labyrinth, directed by Guillermo del Toro, will be turned into a stage musical, Deadline reports.

The film focuses on the young stepdaughter of an army officer in 1944 Fascist Spain. The girl, named Ofelia, receives a book of fairy tales from her mother and escapes into that world while her stepfather rules everything around him with an iron fist.

Del Toro has been in the process of adapting the movie for the stage for four years and has already written the book for the musical. Paul Williams has signed on to write the lyrics, and Gustavo Santaolalla, who won Oscars for composing the scores for Babel and Brokeback Mountain, will write the music. Robert Fox will produce with del Toro and Gary Ungar.

“I admire and love Gustavo and Paul wrote the perfect album in Phantom Of The Paradise, which I have loved for decades,” del Toro said.

Santaolalla said, “I’m so excited about translating Guillermo’s magical vision into music and songs. I’m such a longtime fan of both Guillermo and Paul that to work on this with them is truly a dream come true.”

Fox, a London-based producer whose credits include Atonement and The Hours, said:

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Guillermo and the terrific creative team that we have put together to bring the wonderful film of Pan’s Labyrinth to the stage as a musical.”

So far, there is no mention of when or where the show will debut.