Christie Brinkley Makes Her Debut On ‘Parks And Recreation’ As Jerry’s Wife

Christie Brinkley made her (somewhat) surprise debut on Parks and Recreation on Thursday, playing the stunning wife of the bumbling Jerry.

As The Huffington Post noted, the show’s creators have hinted at there being more to the life of Jerry, who is dismissed and often reviled by his co-workers. His daughter Millie seemed to come from a different gene pool, and now the show’s runners have given the reason why — Jerry’s wife is played by Christie Brinkley.

As The Huffington Post notes, this marks a drastic change for Jerry’s character:

“In a complete contrast to his life at work, Jerry’s home life appears to be one filled with love and beauty. Most of the gang had no idea that Jerry even threw these holiday parties, as Tom had set up filters to send all mail sent by him directly into their spam folders. They learned what a genuine and decent guy he actually is. Does this mean they’ll start being nicer to him? Probably not.”

Christie Brinkley is not the only beautiful woman in Jerry’s life, Yahoo! TV notes. He also has two other yet-unseen daughters who also share his wife’s side of the genes. The Gergich family stuns Jerry’s co-workers at the party as they join in a festive sing-along that appears straight out of a made-for-television special.

The Christie Brinkley episode is another instance of Parks and Recreation showing its dimension, Entertainment Weekly notes. Earlier this season, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) got to meet her crush, Joe Biden. The show has also drawn in Indiana-area athletes, including an appearance later this season by members of the Indianapolis Colts.