Ryan Serhant Finds Inspiration In Man Mowing His Lawn In Tornado Weather: ‘He Got His Work Done’

Ryan Serhant knows how to sell real estate and one can imagine that he’s raking in millions of dollars every year. Serhant has been on Million Dollar Listing: New York and he often brags about his huge multi-million-dollar portfolio. It’s no secret that he is very successful and he is constantly growing his company. While filming the show, Ryan has found love and he got married last summer. While children may be in his future, Ryan is now focusing on his new project, a sales-based show premiering on Bravo later this year.

According to a new Instagram post, Ryan Serhant is now revealing that he has a tremendous drive when it comes to sales. In fact, he’s pushing forward when it comes to selling homes, and he wants to teach people what he does to make millions of dollars. But Serhant has been sharing some of his sales philosophies on social media, including his determination to get up in the morning and work out at the gym. But this week, he shared another amazing photo and shared some valuable advice.

“This is my new favorite photo. At first glance, you think this guy is insane, right? That’s a tornado behind him! How could he be mowing the lawn? He’s about to die!!! BUT….then you look closer…the tornado is actually very far away, and it’s moving in the other direction,” Ryan Serhant revealed on Instagram, sharing the viral photo of a man mowing his lawn in Canada, as a tornado is raging in the background.

“The guy mowing the lawn is also very used to tornadoes, and it wasn’t much of a surprise to him. So while everyone else was hiding inside, waiting out the storm, he got his work done. Could the tornado turn and come for him? Sure. But there’s always danger in the distance. So is he going to hide and cower? HELL NO. He’s going to do his job, and let the distant danger be warned. Take care of the work, and the work will take care of you. There’s always a tornado in the distance. It’s how you choose to live your life in the face of the tornado that determines the fate of your life. And sometimes the tornado isn’t a tornado at all, but our own dark clouds we create to keep us from being happy and productive,” Ryan Serhant continues in the post he shared on social media.

It is very interesting that Serhant is using this guy as an example in regards to selling. This guy was mowing his lawn while everyone else was hiding inside. And this could be an example of a selling tip – do something that no one else is really doing. Maybe a new sales strategy is a great way to get a new product on the market or give an old product a new spin.

Ryan Serhant is so passionate about selling that Bravo has launched a new show with him in the lead. The show is called Sell It Like Serhant and Ryan will help all kinds of business owners sell their products. This new show isn’t just about real estate, but about all kinds of selling. And since he has been such a huge inspiration on Million Dollar Listing: New York, one can imagine that this show will be fun for people to watch.

Serhant has experienced plenty of success after appearing on the show, and while a reality show is a great way to get exposure, there are other ways. And Serhant is ready to teach people in need this year when his new show premieres on Bravo.

What do you think of Ryan Serhant’s post about motivation and selling? Are you surprised that he may see himself in this guy, who was mowing his lawn while a tornado was touching down a few miles away?

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]