Steve Gold Opens Up About His High-Kill Shelter Rescue: ‘MDLNY’ Star Has A Huge Heart

Steve Gold is the newest real-estate agent on Million Dollar Listing: New York, replacing the much-loved Luis D. Ortiz. Luis wanted to try something else with his life, so he quit the industry and packed his bags. On March 1 of this year, he moved to Paris to start over. While he will be making some appearances throughout the season, Gold is the newest addition to the cast. And it sounds like he is the perfect replacement because, like Luis, he is completely different from Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund.

Steve Gold admits that he loves fashion. In fact, he is a former fashion model. But he also loves the water, as he’s a former sailboat racer. But like Fredrik, he adores his pet. He has a dog named Pablo, who is a big part of his life. In fact, he calls his dog his son. According to a new Bravo report, Steve Gold is now opening up about his dog, and there is a touching story of their friendship.

“No better day than #nationaldogday to welcome this rescue to the family. Can you believe he was in a high kill shelter before being transferred to NY in hopes of finding a home?” Steve Gold revealed on social media about his beloved dog, adding, “So happy to have found him. Not to mention, it took forever to find a dog that matched perfectly with the default #puppy emoji.”

Just me and Pablo tonight in the hamptons ????????

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It is adorable that Gold rescued little Pablo from a high-kill shelter, giving him a second chance at life. He rescued him in August of last year, and it sounds like they have developed quite the relationship. Plus, Steve has given Pablo a great life, as he has a place in New York and a place in the Hamptons. In other words, Pablo gets the sounds and smells of the city, but the fresh air from the Hamptons.

One can imagine that fans will learn more about Steve Gold’s dog as the season progresses. The show is about the million-dollar real estate in New York City, but Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant have shared many emotional moments on the show. And one can imagine that Steve will also open up about his life as the season progresses.

He has revealed that he’s single and is looking for love, but until that love comes around, he will continue to take care of Pablo, ride out to the Hamptons to rebuild his home, and flirt with his clients. Plus, now he’s filming Million Dollar Listing: New York, and he may find love while filming the show, as Ryan and Fredrik have done.

Well, here we are, Premeire night. Three guys each with their own quirks and idiosyncrasies, living, dreaming and selling real estate in the greatest city in the world: New York City. These past 9 months has been an exciting, emotional, eye-opening and also humbling experience as I filmed my first season of #MDLNY . Thank you to @ryanserhant and @fredrikeklundny for being who you are and never backing down to anyone or anything - you are both superstars. Thank you to the producers @danidking and @nick_prescott for producing such an incredible show and always pushing my boundaries; thank you to @wowreport and @bravotv for believing in me; and a big thanks to the crew who worked tirelessly day in and day out behind the scenes - Mel, Justin, Jordan, Rodney, Caleb, Mary, Marfry, David, and Grant. Also want to thank Andrew Heiberger and @townresidential for giving me the support needed to become a top agent in NYC, as well as my team, @jessicaxgomberg @chrisxwhelan @bradleyxcooper @scottxh @viktoriaxwiberg and @ianxpeters. Now, that's it for the sentimental sh!t - it is time for a much needed ???? #alittlepartyneverkillednobody

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It sounds like Steve Gold is thankful for getting the opportunity to film Million Dollar Listing: New York. Many fans were disappointed that Luis left the show, so Steve has received some harsh comments simply because he is now on the show. But Gold didn’t push Luis out of the show, and one can imagine that he will always have a spot available on the show if he decides to return. Fredrik Eklund recently revealed that he stays in touch with Luis, and it sounds like Ortiz really misses the fame and fortune that comes with being on the reality show. However, he may not miss it enough to move back to New York and start over again. For now, fans will have to learn all about Steve Gold.

What do you think of Steve Gold’s story about his dog, Pablo? What do you think of him as a new addition to Million Dollar Listing: New York?

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