National Rosé Day Study Shows How Americans Prefer Sweet Pink Wine — Celebrate With A Frosé

National Rose Day is June 10 and there’s a new Barefoot Wines’ survey that shows how Americans feel about pink wine. While some might think rose wine is a drink preferred by ladies, research shows that more men prefer the lighter hued wines. In fact, rose wine for men has garnered the nickname brose according to GQ. National Rose Day is the perfect time to celebrate with a glass of rose regardless of gender. If you’ve never tried rose, you might want to give it a shot. Rose wine is available in a wide array of prices and you can easily find a brand that fits your budget and taste. The following statistics from the Barefoot Wines survey showed that 51 percent of Americans drink rose wine and 91 percent of rose wine connoisseurs enjoy their wine sweet and pink.

According to the survey, 58 percent of Americans drink rose wine while watching television or binge watching series on networks like Netflix, 55 percent drink rosé wine while reading books or magazines, 32 percent drink rosé wine when watching sporting events and games, 30 percent relax with a glass of rosé wine in a bubble bath, and 27 percent drink rosé wine while sunbathing.

The survey also revealed that many rosé wine drinkers consider it a summer drink as it has been known as summer’s official wine for many years. Seventy-four percent of those surveyed felt rosé wine was the official start of summer and 66 percent said they drink rosé year-round. Available in a range of color hues, rosé wine varies from blush shades to deep pink. Rosé wine derives its color from grape skins and how long they are left in the wine via the contact method. The darker the wine, the longer the grape skins were in contact with the liquid.

According to Napa Valley winemaker, Jeff Morgan who spoke with Real Simple rosé wine is brighter and more refreshing than red wine. Morgan also stated it shares similar qualities with white wine. Rose wines are food friendly and you can easily find budget-friendly bottles that you can pair with any meal, dessert, or dish.

One interesting finding of the study was that many people found rose wine so refreshing, they preferred it to eating a Popsicle. Fifty-three percent of those surveyed stated they would choose rose wine over a Popsicle, while 47 percent believed Popsicle were more refreshing. Because rose wine has a refreshing taste and is associated with summer, it’s a popular wine used in frozen drinks. These are often referred to as frose or frozen rose. Consider a frose as a frozen wine slushie and you can easily see why so many prefer it to Popsicle.

You can easily whip up a batch of frose as you would make any slushie. When making frose, keep in mind that as your drink freezes it will lose color. Select the darkest rose wine to ensure your frose is a beautiful hue. You can add ingredients to your frose such as sugar, fruit, and berries and customize your drink to your particular taste. While many people enjoy drinking their rose wine frozen, the survey revealed that the majority of Americans want to drink rose wine poured straight from the bottle into a wine glass. Seventy-two percent of rose wine drinkers prefer to sip it from a glass.

Rose wine is a popular drink and with National Rose Day coming up, there’s no better time to indulge in this pink wine than now.

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Are you going to drink rose wine this National Rose Day? Do you have a favorite wine brand?

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