Kim Kardashian: Why Kanye West Banned ‘KUWTK’ Family From Intimate Birthday Bahamas Vacation

Kim Kardashian had such a tremendous time out in the Bahamas with Kanye West and their two children that neither one of the Hollywood stars wanted to return home to America, it’s been reported.

Kim Kardashian and her husband made the decision to fly out to the Caribbean to celebrate West’s 40th birthday, E! News reveals, but instead of flying out family and close friends, Kanye was very vocal in wanting to have something that was intimate and private.

Having shied away from the public in recent months to focus on his well-being, the father of two did not want many people on the trip. In fact, he made it known that the vacation to the Bahamas would only be for Kim and their children, simply because West wouldn’t be able to tolerate an entire family’s trip.

As he’s still struggling with his anxiety battle, Kanye West has kept a low profile to avoid run-ins with the paparazzi, but aside from that, it’s been heavily reported that the rapper’s marriage to Kim Kardashian has been affected by West’s reclusiveness.

Since his infamous meltdown in November, sources alleged that Kim Kardashian’s marriage was never the same — and it goes without saying that her Paris heist scandal played a part in that, too, as Kanye was never around to console his wife because he was on tour before his breakdown took place.

Going to the Caribbean was very therapeutic for Kim Kardashian and her husband, a source tells Hollywood Life. The socialite refrained from posting photos on social media to simply focus on her family and what they were going to do to better their relationship.

Kim Kardashian is aware of the fact that Kanye has been struggling to be in the limelight as of late, but she wholeheartedly believes that the vacation away from family and friends was good for the two of them because it allowed them to reconnect under new circumstances.

“It was incredibly therapeutic for them and much needed,” an insider gushes. “Kanye is still battling anxiety and stress so Kim Kardashian knows he needs trips like this for him to disconnect. She’s making sure they go on at least two ‘breaks’ a year just the four of them.”

The trips that Kim Kardashian is hoping to arrange in the future will be ones that won’t include their family and friends. The couple enjoyed their secret vacation so much that they would have simply extended their stay if they had the chance to do so, but due to work commitments, Kim Kardashian and Kanye were forced to return back to Los Angeles.

With all that’s going on, Kim Kardashian and her man are determined to keep their marriage intact, despite having faced some not-so-happy moments in recent months. The two are fully committed to one another and believe that taking therapeutic trips, such as going to the Bahamas, has proven to strengthen their relationship more than anything.

News of Kim Kardashian’s bid to save her marriage comes just months after reports revealed that Kanye has been busy working on his forthcoming album. While it’s unclear as to when the rapper plans to release the project, some insiders believe a new record could be hitting stores by the end of the year.

Last week, fans were stunned when songs from Kanye’s recent studio sessions with A$ap Rocky and Migos leaked online — something which Kim Kardashian’s husband would’ve definitely been furious about.

Do you think Kim Kardashian and Kanye have it in themselves to remain committed to one another for any longer than they already have? How long do you think they will remain together before calling it quits?

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