iOS 11’s Best Minor Features That Will Be Useful In Your Daily Lives

Apple just unveiled the iOS 11 at the commencement of its annual event, the WWDC. The presentation detailed what users can pretty much expect in the next software update, and at first glance, the features are looking to be incredible. Let’s take a look at some of the best not-so-major features announced.

Wi-Fi Sharing

Ever forgot your home’s Wi-Fi password? You’re not alone. It’s a problem when you have a new device or you have guests over that want to connect to your network. This situation is apparently so widespread that Apple decided to make a fix.

Per CNET, the company’s solution is simple: you can approve any smartphone or laptop via your iOS device. You will receive a notification whenever someone is trying to join your home network, and you have the option to send the device the password.

The Volume Box

Until the latest iOS version, we’ve had to suffer from the volume box that’s too in-your-face when summoned. Adjusting the volume or turning the ringer on/off makes the box appear that is large enough to block a huge chunk of the screen. This can be annoying, but thankfully, Apple has redesigned it.

Instead of a square box appearing in the middle of your screen, the volume HUD is now much smaller and tucked in the corner. The now more inconspicuous volume HUD is both more aesthetically pleasing and more logical; why Apple just now realized it is a mystery.

Screen Recording

Apple finally decides to have a built-in screen recorder in iOS, which eliminates the need to pay for a third-party app or make the effort to use QuickTime on a Mac. You can set up a shortcut for the feature on the Control Center so you can simply swipe up and tap the button to start recording, according to 9to5 Mac.

This allows the users to record tutorials, bugs, or content that they want to share with family members, friends, or even their followers. However, it doesn’t record the sound from apps. It does record from the microphone by doing an extra step so there will still be some sound but not as clear.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

iOS 11 will bring Do Not Disturb While Driving mode
[Image by Apple]

The increase in car accidents is party attributed to the increase of humans who can’t look away at their phones for one second. It’s even harder to ignore your device when it is buzzing with notifications from your group chat, calls from your wife, and emails from your boss. Now you can focus on the road with iOS 11’s new feature.

Aptly called “Do Not Disturb While Driving,” the feature takes over the phone when it is connected to the car via Bluetooth or cable and when it detects you’re in a moving car. You will not receive alerts or notifications during, and your iOS 11 device can even reply to your messages with an automated response. The phone’s functions will also be limited if the feature is active. Most apps will be unusable, though Apple Maps can still be accessed.

One-Handed Keyboard

Phones are getting larger and typing with one hand is becoming harder. If you don’t have the iPhone SE, chances are you can’t easily type on your iPhone with one hand. With iOS 11, you can now have the whole keyboard move closer to your thumb by pressing and holding the emoji icon.

These are only some of the new features that iOS 11 will introduce come fall. The software update will also be introducing bigger features such as a revamped Control Center, a new interface for the iPad, AR experiences, and more. As of the moment, developers can download iOS 11 into their devices. A beta will come to the public next month.

[Featured Image by Apple]

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