Maci Bookout Defends Ryan Edwards Drug Rumors On Twitter? Husband Speaks Out After Marriage Drama

Maci Bookout seemingly took to Twitter days ago to defend a woman who is believed to be a producer of Teen Mom OG.

After Simon Saran, the on-again, off-again boyfriend of Farrah Abraham, suggested a woman named Kiki had given pills to Ryan Edwards during filming, Kristen Malone shared a Twitter post which Maci Bookout re-tweeted.

The June 6 message read, “Some only feel good when trying to make others feel bad. #Riseaboveit.”

In the post, which came just one day after Saran’s shocking tweet was shared, Malone linked the Twitter accounts of Maci Bookout and her co-stars but blatantly left Farrah Abraham’s username out of the tweet.

In response, one fan called out Malone for allegedly giving pills to an addict. That said, regardless of Saran’s comment, there has been no actual evidence of Malone having done anything wrong with Edwards or anyone else.

Maci Bookout’s former boyfriend, Ryan Edwards, is currently in rehab seeking help for his alleged substance abuse struggles, which have been documented on Teen Mom OG Season 6.

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In other Maci Bookout news, her husband, Taylor McKinney, recently shared a post on Instagram in which spoke of a special feature he did with E! News.

“David Beckham Bodywear, Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy, [Things That Matter]…..Check us out in the E! News! Fathers Day Gift Guide. I’m honored that we’re mentioned with those great names and brand,” McKinney wrote on June 6.

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney teamed up on a new clothing line years ago and continue to promote the brand on their Twitter and Instagram pages.

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney began dating one another after Bookout wrapped filming on Teen Mom Season 4 and when the series returned years later for Season 5, McKinney was seen for the first time.

Throughout the first few years of their relationship, Maci Bookout made it clear to Taylor McKinney that she intended to get married but for years, McKinney didn’t propose. Then, in January 2016, after Bookout gave birth to their first child, daughter Jayde Carter, now 2, McKinney got down on one knee and proposed to the reality star, who was pregnant with their second child, son Maverick Reed, now 1.

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney ultimately tied the knot in October 2016, and while they appear to be doing well currently, they went through a bit of a rough patch during filming on Teen Mom OG Season 6B and ultimately sought therapy for their marital struggles.

During the show, while chatting with a friend, Maci Bookout opened up about raising three kids, including her son Bentley, 8, and admitted that her marriage is sometimes hell.

“Obviously, having three kids is catching up to us. Eighty-five percent of the time, we’re good to go. The rest of the 15 percent, it’s hell. It’s like all of our stress and emotion and everything… we take it out on each other,” she admitted, via Perez Hilton. “When the cameras leave, we’ll drink and freak out. It’s always like, literally, the smallest things.”

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“All of the little things build up because neither of us ever communicate them. Then all of a sudden, we’re mad and we don’t even know why we’re mad,” she added.

In response, Maci Bookout’s friend suggested marriage counseling and later on during the episode, she and McKinney met with a therapist.

To see more of Maci Bookout and her family, including Taylor McKinney and Ryan Edwards, tune into new episodes of Teen Mom OG Season 6B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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