Melisa Russell Hints At Abuse And Separation From Husband, Chicago Cubs Player Addison Russell

It looks like baseball players are learning how to treat their wives from basketball players, many of whom cheat on their ladies and are often in hot water over domestic abuse scandals.

Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell is vacuuming up headlines, but not because he broke another World Series record or helped his team win a basketball game.

Addison Russell’s wife hinted at a potential breakup between herself and the Chicago Cubs player when she took to Instagram to post a not-so-subtle hint that the 23-year-old had cheated on her.

Melisa Russell thrust her name into the baseball world’s spotlight on Wednesday night when she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post, “your own happiness beats being cheated on, lied to,” empowering other women who have been cheated on, according to the Daily Mail.

While cheating can easily be tolerated in this world – harsh, but true – Addison Russell cheating on wife Melisa Russell is not the sole reason why the Instagram post grabbed global headlines.

In a since-deleted comment under the Instagram photo, Melisa’s best friend revealed that Chicago Cubs’s Addison Russell allegedly hit Melisa Russell in front of their kids as well as “mentally abused” his wife.

Major League Baseball could not leave those claims unnoticed, and plans to launch an investigation into domestic violence allegations made against Addison Russell, according to the Chicago Sun-Times citing an MLB official.


In her comment, Melisa Russell’s friend claims that Addison Russell’s wife did not want the domestic abuse information to go public. It was apparently one of Instagram users’ comments under Melisa’s post, in which they presumably called her post “hateful,” that got Melisa’s friend talking in the comment section.

Shortly after Melisa Russell’s friend made the sensational claim, the wife of the Chicago Cubs player turned the comments off and then deleted the post altogether. However, the magic of the screenshot is that some Instagram post can never be erased 100 percent.

Melisa Russell’s friend, named Carlie, is seen on one of the latest of Melisa Russell’s Instagram snaps. This is the same photo featured as the profile picture on Carlie’s own Instagram page.

It’s not the first time a high-profile baseball player has cheated on his wife, as cheating and professional sports for some reason go hand in hand not only in baseball but also in basketball.

In the Instagram photo that hinted at her potential breakup from the Chicago Cubs shortstop, the brunette beauty is pictured in a swimsuit smiling at the beach.

“Being free to be able to make your own choices for your own happiness beats being cheated on, lied to, & disrespected any day.”

Melisa Russell’s plans to split from husband Addison Russell could be interpreted from the hashtags she used, #herestonewbeginnings and #onlygetsbetterfromhere.


Addison Russell and Melisa Russell, who wed in June 2016, share son Aiden together, and Melisa has also been caring for Addison’s other child, daughter Mila, from another woman, Mallory Engstrom.

In a since-deleted tweet, Melisa Russell defended her decision to share the Instagram post online, and said it was “meant to be empowering, not degrading.”

“I hope it empowers and inspires other women to ‘not take sh*t’ from anyone, regardless of who they are.”

One user on Twitter seems to have noticed that Melisa Russell even deleted all Instagram photos with Addison Russell following her post about cheating.


Melisa Russell’s revelations on Instagram came around the same time Chicago Cubs were playing the Miami Marlins on Wednesday night. Interestingly, Addison Russell was not in the lineup that game.

Addison Russell has yet to give his comments on the allegations that he beat his wife Melisa Russell or that he had cheated on her.

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