Anna Duggar, Pregnant With Baby 5, Praised For Being Stronger Than Disgraced Husband Josh Duggar

Anna Duggar has always been in the shadows of the spotlight shining on the Duggar family, with her husband Josh Duggar’s scandals and subsequent apologies garnering all the attention. But now, pregnant with her fifth baby, Anna is the one in the spotlight when it comes to the Duggar family followers, who showered her with praise recently for her strength.

The question is, however, can Josh Duggar handle the pressure of becoming a dad once more after all the sex scandals. On June 8, Radar Online reported that there is concern about whether Duggar, once known as the oldest son in the popular 19 Kids And Counting show before TLC cancelled the show, can deal with becoming a father at this point in his life, both in terms of his emotional approach to parenthood and his finances.

An insider told Radar that there is positive news regarding Anna’s pregnancy and her relationship with Duggar.

“Anna’s pregnancy has gone really well. She’s feeling great and she and Josh seem to be in a good place right now.”

But the upbeat report about Anna’s pregnancy comes only after she’s survived her husband’s multiple scandals. The negative publicity about Josh began when he was accused of allegedly molesting some of his sisters. He was subsequently revealed to have been seeking hookups on the Ashley Madison website for infidelity, along with rumors of allegedly cheating with a porn star.

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar will soon welcome their fifth baby.
Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar will soon welcome their fifth baby. [Image by Danny Johnston/AP Images]

Anna also patiently waited while Duggar spent six months in sex addiction rehab in 2016. Looking back on what Anna has been through with Josh, the source noted that Duggar has not always been the best of fathers. However, the insider also offered hope for the future.

“Josh hasn’t always been the most helpful with raising the kids, but he seems to be stepping up to the plate a bit more now.”

The insider revealed that Duggar and his wife did not often visit her family. But they even recently made an exception in that regard, buying baby items and spending time with Anna’s relatives.

“They even came to Florida to visit with Anna’s family which doesn’t happen often,” said the source. “They went shopping for the baby and spent nice quality time with her family.”

However, while Anna’s marriage is improving, the insider revealed that Josh is struggling when it comes to his finances.

“It’s her fifth child, and I know Josh’s used car business isn’t doing great,” said the source.

“I don’t know how they do it having another mouth to feed.”

Josh previously lost his position at the Family Research Council, a conservative lobbying group, and now is involved in a lawsuit resulting from his alleged use of a DJ’s image on his fake Internet accounts. That case is heading to court on June 22, setting up Anna for even more stress in her life during her pregnancy.

However, even though more challenges await for Duggar, the insider expressed appreciation for Anna’s enthusiasm about her fifth baby with Josh.

“I’m just happy they are in a better place these days and that Anna seems happy,” said the source.

“[Anna is] really excited for the baby to be born. I just hope they can figure out a better way to make ends meet.”

But fans are making it clear that when it comes to the Duggar family, they have faith in Anna’s ability as a strong woman.

When Anna resurfaced on social media to celebrate her son Marcus’ fourth birthday earlier this month, fans expressed their appreciation for her fortitude, noted the International Business Times.

“Fans of the evangelical Christian family have been hailing [Anna] for being a strong woman and a symbol of love and forgiveness.”

Although Josh Duggar was also in the photo, it was Anna, 27, who took the spotlight when it came to fans’ comments about the way that she has survived multiple scandals caused by her husband.

“What an example Anna is of God’s love and forgiveness,” wrote one fan. “I can only imagine the road you’ve walked but what Satan meant to destroy, God can use for good.”

Fans of the Duggar family watched them grow up on "19 Kids And Counting," until Josh's scandals caused the show to be cancelled.
Fans of the Duggar family watched them grow up on "19 Kids And Counting," until Josh's scandals caused the show to be cancelled. [Image by Beth Hall/AP Images]

In the wake of the Ashley Madison website hack, Josh’s double life including cheating on Anna through online dating websites came to light. But while Duggar also confessed that he had battled with porn addiction and entered rehab, Anna stayed strong in her marriage, earning admiration from fans.

When Josh and Anna announced that they were looking forward to welcoming their fifth baby later this year, Duggar fans again praised Anna.

“Anna you are an amazing woman.”

Noting that “God doesn’t say marriage is easy but we have to work at it,” one follower expressed admiration for Josh’s wife in keeping her family together.

“I am inspired by [Anna’s] Godly heart! I know how difficult it is to move on from this but a person that seeks God with all their heart will have a heart of forgiveness and compassion,” wrote another fan.

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