‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff And Boyfriend Chris Marek Headed For Splitsville?

It seems all may not be well between Amy Roloff and her boyfriend, Chris Marek. The Little People, Big World stars recently expressed doubts about their relationship, and this might lead them to Splitsville if left unresolved.

Roloff, 52, and Marek, 54, started their relationship around six months ago, and it now seems like there’s already trouble brewing. While their issues are nothing compared to what Amy had to endure with her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, they still need to be addressed.

According to Radar Online, Roloff has admitted that she is worried that she could be pushing her boyfriend away. One of Amy’s fears is that Chris might be bothered by the attention they get when they are out together. Roloff feels like her size might have a negative impact on Marek and their relationship.

“When we’re out in public, I know people look. Has it bothered him?”

In a recent episode of Little People, Big World, Amy wanted to know once and for all if Chris is bothered by her short stature. Over dinner, Roloff asked her real estate broker boyfriend what he thought of their first six months together. Marek gave an answer that did not sit well with Roloff. According to Heavy, Chris told Amy that he’s just taking the next months as they come.


“I just hope my being a little person isn’t an issue in regards to my relationship with Chris,” Roloff admitted. “Because if it is, let’s get it out and let’s go from there.”

When the mother-of-four finally told Marek that she’s been curious as to what he feels when they are out in public, Marek responded by saying that he has seen a “few snickers” and that he catches them “out of the corner of [his] eye.”

Roloff confronted him about those uncomfortable moments and asked if they made him doubt his feelings for her and made him think twice about their relationship. Marek admitted that they did.

“Those thoughts came up initially, because it was very different for me,” Marek confessed. “But we’re all past that now. It doesn’t bother me.”

Chris further stressed that whenever he sees someone “snickering or laughing” at them, it only shows that those people are ignorant.

“I really don’t care what they think anyway.”

For now, Chris has addressed Amy’s doubts. Still, she knows that she has to deal with her insecurities if she hopes for her relationship with Chris to last.

“I still lack confidence,” Roloff said. “I’m a little person for crying out loud!”

“I don’t really want to be by myself. It’s just too hard.”

Amy has already recovered from her ugly divorce from Matt Roloff; her husband of almost 30 years. However, she admitted that she has some issues with Matt entering into a relationship with their friend Caryn Chandler.


Matt and Caryn, the former manager of the Roloffs’ pumpkin farm outside Portland, came to Zach and Tori’s gender reveal party during one of the episodes of Little People, Big World. Amy was understandably upset at the time.

“Seeing Caryn here threw me for a loop more than I would have liked,” Roloff admitted.

Amy also said that the reveal party was “an intimate family thing” and Caryn’s presence brought “a whole different dynamic to [her] life here on the farm.”


Amy Roloff is not the only one affected by Matt’s newfound love. Their son, Zach, hinted at his disapproval of the relationship, saying Caryn is just “part of the Roloff farm operation as far as their relationship goes.” However, he admitted that he has no say in his father’s decision since Amy and Matt are already divorced.

Like Chandler, Chris Marek has been frequenting gatherings with family and friends. From the looks of it, both Amy and Matt are enjoying themselves with their respective new partners. Amy, however, may still need to work on her insecurities even though Chris has already indicated that her being small is not a problem.

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