No Longer Competing With Kate Middleton For Royal Privileges, ‘Blood Princess’ Beatrice Finds Her Own Success

Although Kate Middleton must bend a knee to both “blood princesses,” Beatrice and Eugenie, the Duchess of Cambridge has become the shining star of the royal family ever since her 2010 engagement to Prince William. Yet, in the past year, Princess Beatrice has become a star in her own right. She has come into her own, testing her entrepreneurial skills, overcoming quite a few personal obstacles, and shining brightly in her own realm.

At Pippa Middleton’s recent wedding extravaganza, many were looking for a Meghan Markle sighting, hoping for a public appearance with Prince Harry and his American actress girlfriend. Instead, guests streamed in, including Princess Eugenie, looking lovely, and by her side was her boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank. The couple are reportedly going to be engaged soon and will be living in Kensington Palace, not far from Prince Harry. But where was Princess Beatrice? Working.

Although Beatrice is based out of New York, where, according to her LinkedIn page, she is called Bea York. The vice president of partnerships and strategy at Affiniti is frequently on the other side of the pond, attending royal functions and visiting her parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. She is seventh in line to the throne, and despite the lack of royal privileges, she is still very busy as a part-time royal who works a full-time job.

In the days before the wedding, Beatrice was seen participating in a charity run; another day, she was seen at dinner with her dad at an exclusive spot. As such, it was assumed she would be at Pippa’s wedding alongside her cousins Harry and William.

So where was Princess Bea, if she was not seen at the wedding? She was at the World Economic Forum in Jordan, making contacts for her business. Then, the day after, when Pippa and James were flying off on their South Seas honeymoon, Beatrice joined her mother in Cannes for the Fashion For Relief charity event. There, Beatrice hobnobbed with a lot of the beautiful and influential people who were in Cannes for the famous film festival.

Besides, she most likely did not feel like attending a wedding. Her ex-boyfriend, Uber executive Dave Clark, whom she broke up with about a year ago, just got engaged. While the Daily Mail states that sources say she is happy for him, as they parted as friends, she is bound to not exactly feel like attending a wedding filled with happy couples.

She had allegedly broken it off with him because she wanted marriage, while he did not. Sources say that they both realized they were comfortable in their relationship, but not enough for marriage. Yet, it is understandable that no one wants to find out that their ex is already engaged when they are still single. Since their breakup, the princess has not dated anyone. Yet, instead of wallowing in her tears, Princess Beatrice has been focusing on her work and proving to the world that she has something to say and something to offer.

She recently told Vogue how much she loves entrepreneurship. It is clear that she sees a connection between entrepreneurship and making the world a better place.

“I think that what’s really exciting is that there’s no road map, really. You have so many people innovating—and I’m not just talking about disruptive technologies. Right now, I think there’s really a chance to take everything that we’ve learned and educate people to make them be the best that they can be.”

As an entrepreneur, Princess Beatrice also seems to have more freedom and fun with her fashion. PopSugar even created a pictorial of Bea’s fashions, including her “Peter Pan collars, avant-garde fascinators, and all sorts of embellishments,” They keenly point out that every outfit the blood princess wears includes an “element of surprise.” Step aside Kate Middleton, it appears that Princess Bea is charming the Americans with her unique fashion sense.

For years, it appeared that both of the blood princesses have been struggling to find their place in the new streamlined version of the royal family. More recently, the Inquistir reported that Prince Andrew has been advocating royal privileges for both of his daughters, citing that they are both “blood princesses,” which could possibly mean a dig at Kate Middleton. He has implored his mother, Queen Elizabeth, to get both daughters back into the royal fold. Yet, Prince Charles has thwarted all of these attempts. Yet for Beatrice, this may never matter. She has appeared to really forge ahead and make a name for herself beyond her famous family. She seems bound to surprise everyone with what she does next and prove that she is far more than a blood princess.

What are your thoughts about Princess Beatrice and working in the business world? Did you wonder why she was not at Pippa’s wedding? Share your opinions and thoughts below.

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