‘Little People, Big World’ Shows That Time When Zach & Tori Roloff Found Out About Baby Jackson’s Dwarfism

Little People, Big World let fans in on the exact moment Zach and Tori Roloff learned that their baby was going to be a dwarf. Last Tuesday’s episode, aptly titled “He’ll be Whoever He’s Meant to be,” showed how Zach and Tori reacted to the news after coming from their doctor.

During the time of filming, Tori was in the last stretch of her pregnancy at 34 weeks. They were due for another ultrasound to get a final answer to everyone’s question.

This week is our 34th week ultrasound and the last time the measurements kind of indicated that it was possible that our son is a dwarf. This week, we’ll have a more definitive answer.

Of course, LPBW fans already know that little Jackson is indeed a little person just like his father and grandparents. The Roloff family broke the news to their followers last week that he inherited Zach’s achondroplasia. Jackson Kyle Roloff was born on May 12, just before Mother’s Day, weighing over nine pounds and measuring 20.5 inches long.

“That doesn’t change the way we feel about him,” Tori said in last Tuesday’s episode after the ultrasound.

We’re gonna love our kid no matter what.

Last Tuesday’s episode was filmed in March, right before Tori’s baby shower. Zach’s parents, Matt and Amy, still didn’t know what to expect from their first grandchild. At one point, Matt Roloff asked Amy what she thinks, if she’s “going down the LP route, or the average-sized route.”

Amy Roloff answered that she’s “not going down any route.”

“It will be whatever it’s meant to be.”

As for Matt, he predicted that his first grandson will be an LP just like him. He clarified in a confessional that he will be happy either way. However, Zach’s twin brother Jeremy was more unaccepting of the possibility. While rubbing Tori’s belly, he said that it will be a regular-sized baby for sure.

At the doctor’s office, Zach and Tori were obviously nervous as they ultrasound technician took the baby’s measurements. While the camera crew was not allowed to film their doctor’s consultation, the couple confirmed the results in a succeeding confessional.

“He’s a dwarf baby.”

Meanwhile, Zach and Tori faced a more important and pressing concern about baby Jackson’s birth. Jackson’s head was measuring 40 centimeters big, while the average cervix dilates at around 10 centimeters only. This could mean Tori wouldn’t be able to give birth vaginally as she hoped.

It’s unclear whether or not Tori did give birth via C-section. Perhaps fans will find out in the upcoming episodes of Little People, Big World.

Now that Jackson is here, the whole Roloff family is making good on their promise that they will love him no matter what. Everyone obviously adores their family’s newest addition.

Matt is one proud grandpa and has been posting photos of his grandson nonstop. In one post, he called Jackson a “hunk of love” and said he can’t wait to have fun with little Jackson at the farm.

Even Jacob Roloff, Zach’s youngest brother, recently came home from an extended road trip to meet his new nephew. Fans have not seen Jacob in Little People, Big World since he quit the show and left the Roloff Farms two years ago.

Like any proud parent, Tori can’t stop swooning over her new boy. She regularly posts photos of baby Jackson on her Instagram account. She wrote in a post that it’s amazing how she has “fallen in love completely” with her little man.

The Little People, Big World episode also showed Jeremy and Audrey trying to settle issues surrounding their impending move back to Portland. They are also expecting their first baby due in September.

Little People, Big World airs every Tuesday, 9 p.m. ET, on TLC.

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