Meghan McCain twitter photo is hot, draws haters

Man, I have the biggest girl crush on Meghan McCain.

McCain has emerged as a voice of reason and progress for the Republican party, a vocal supporter of gay rights and critic of right-wing pundit Ann Coulter. (Who is also kind of awesome.) Meghan has held her own debating with the big boys on Bill Maher’s panel (and rocked it out) and on The Colbert Report. Republicans should grab on to her like the youth-recruiting lifeline she is and not let go.

But McCain drew criticism and harsh words after she posted a picture of herself in a tank top on Twitter, committing the cardinal sin of having a class-A rack and not covering it. The picture, above, is not something that should be shocking to any woman who owns breasts and a tank top, and Meghan really didn’t cross any lines posting it. She looks great, and it’s a shame she felt the need to post a series of apologetic tweets after the fact:

so I took a fun picture not thinking anything about what I was wearing but apparently anything other than a pantsuit I am a slut, this is

why I have been considering deleting my twitter account, what once was fun now just seems like a vessel for harassment

I am going to take some more time to think about it but seriously I was just trying to be funny with the book and that I’m a dork staying in

when I am alone in my apartment, I wear tank tops and sweat pants, I had no idea this makes me a “slut”, I can’t even tell you how hurt I am

ok I am getting the fuck off twitter, promise not to delete my account until I sleep on it, thank you for the nice words supporters

I do want to apologize to anyone that was offended by my twitpic, I have clearly made a huge mistake and am sorry 2 those that are offended.

Meghan’s latest post over at The Daily Beast covers the broader issues of women, appearance, media and society- it’s a good read, and here’s to hoping Meghan comes around and sees the criticism for what it really is and doesn’t quit Twitter. None of us like pantsuits, Meghan, and we need women like you to kill them good and dead for the rest of us. You can never Spanx away big tits and a curvy ass, and whole nation of voluptuous women need you to not apologize for your breasts so we don’t have to apologize for ours. Keep fighting the good fight!