Tyler Baltierra On His Father, Butch: ‘He Taught Me What Not To Do’

Tyler Baltierra and his wife, Catelynn Lowell, have faced their fair share of issues during Teen Mom OG. Both have had parents who struggled with addiction and have been in trouble with the law. Weirdly, Tyler’s dad was once married to Catelynn’s mom, and they shared a super fraught relationship, which technically makes them step-siblings. Still, they are the only couple on Teen Mom to have stayed together from their teen years, unless one also counts Mackenzie McKee of the now-canceled Teen Mom 3.

Tyler’s father, Butch, has struggled with substance abuse issues for as long as he can remember. At one point, Butch told Tyler Baltierra that he loved cocaine more than he loved his own son, which would have obviously been a serious blow to Tyler.

Since Butch has been out of jail, he has been depending a lot on Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn, particularly because they are the only ones in the family who have a stable income. He has been living in their old house and helping them remodel it so that they can rent it out once the inside of it has been redone.

A fan commented that she was proud of Tyler Baltierra for being able to be a great father to his daughter, Novalee Reign, even though his own father never remained a consistent part of his life. According to Tyler, his father was in and out of prison during most of his childhood.

“I always said he taught me what NOT to do as a father, so he still taught me something lol,” Tyler Baltierra replied to the fan.

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra are also the only couple on the Teen Mom franchise to have given up their child for adoption. Every other member of the cast has chosen to raise their child, whether they were prepared or not. For Catelynn, this has given her a lot of guilt, especially because she didn’t realize that Teen Mom OG would put her in such a successful financial situation and that they would have actually been able to afford to raise their daughter. Catelynn broke down during a heart-to-heart talk with other castmembers on a recent trip to Puerto Rico where they partied and bonded.


The pair have struggled in their marriage, mostly due to Catelynn’s severe postpartum depression. The young mother revealed that after she gave birth to daughter Novalee, she was so depressed that she couldn’t even get out of bed. She said she suffered from panic attacks that were, at times, almost paralytic. She shared that fans used to make fun of her for spending so much time in bed, and that husband Tyler often got frustrated with her, but there wasn’t much she could do about it.

Despite Tyler Baltierra not having the best influences in his life father-wise, he still plans to continue to have children with Catelynn, and the pair have discussed having more children. They would like to continue their brood and Tyler is especially desperate to have a son. He was originally quite disappointed to find out that Nova was a girl, although it is clear he still loves her no matter what.


Catelynn, however, has been more reticent to have a baby due to her horrific experiences with postpartum depression. She has explained to Tyler Baltierra that she isn’t exactly ready to dive straight in because the depression was so dark and scary for her.

Fans, however, have told Catelynn that postpartum depression doesn’t happen in every pregnancy, and although she is at risk for having it again, she may not have to face it in the future.

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