Amber Portwood Slams Fiance, Matt Baier, For Canceling Book Signing And Using Her

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have been confusing Teen Mom OG fans for the past few months with their on-again, off-again romance. And now the pair flaked on a book signing that they were supposed to attend at a Barnes and Noble in their home state of Indiana.

The pair were slated to attend a book signing in Greenwood, Indiana where they were promoting Matt Baier’s new book and Amber Portwood would be signing copies of her previously released book, Never Too Late. According to The Ashley,fans were told that the pair were on their way but would be late. They were then told, that Matt had canceled, which reportedly drew applause from the audience, as many said they had only come to meet Amber.

Then it was revealed that Amber Portwood had canceled too.

A source named Amie who was at the Greenwood Barnes and Noble explained what happened.

“The employee said that [Amber] was crying and that she was confused and there was a conflict with filming. which makes no sense since they both knew about it and advertised it along with Barnes and Noble.”

According to Amie, the pair didn’t really draw a big crowd, and only about 10 people made it out to see them sign the books.

Amber Portwood took to Twitter to slam her fiancé for flaking on the book signing and clarified that she was just going along to support him, not to promote her own book.

“This had nothing to do with me. I was going to support him. This is sad.

“This was not my book signing and I’m pissed off I’m getting backlash for someone else’s stupidity. It was his book signing. Don’t use my f*****g name to make money and don’t do that to my fans!

“Now I have to take backlash [for] stupid people’s mistakes. I’m so hurt about the situation. I cried earlier which is why it hurts me to be called a liar. I would NEVER do that to my fans!”

Although Matt Baier had been on social media advertising the event in the hours that lead up to it, an insider close to Matt and Amber stated that he is actually visiting his family in Massachusetts.

“Matt has been jealous of Amber for going to the Teen Mom reunion in New York without him. They have been fighting,” the insider also revealed.

The status of their relationship has been pretty mysterious to fans for the past few months. Around Easter, several women came forward to claim that they had relationships with Matt while he was still with Amber Portwood. One woman even claimed that Matt had fathered her child and has had nothing to do with him since his birth. Another came forward saying that she had been Matt’s “side piece” for quite a while, and shared text messages and voicemails supposedly sent between the two.

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It was reported that Amber Portwood dumped Matt during their recent trip to Los Angeles for the MTV Movie and TV Awards where she asked him to take a lie detector test. According to several sources, he failed the test and then she sent him packing. However, later she tweeted that he had actually passed the test and posted and then deleted the results. Several fans of Teen Mom OG accused her of faking the lie detector test results and purchasing them from a website that manufactures lie detector test results.

Matt reported that their wedding was still on, but Amber Portwood appeared on the Teen Mom OG reunion without her engagement ring and reportedly told fans that they were together but not getting married anytime soon.

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