Huge Update On The Retirement Status Of The Undertaker And One Head Writer Wanted Him To Retire 15 Years Ago

At the end of WrestleMania 33, everyone had a strong idea that The Undertaker was retiring and that he was officially done with wrestling, but is he really gone? Keeping with the character and gimmick of “The Deadman,” WWE has never actually touched on or said that he had retired, but everyone assumed that to be the case. This week on Monday Night Raw, though, Michael Cole may have slipped up and finally revealed the truth.

Oh, and even though it is hard to take that The Undertaker may never wrestle again, there is one former head writer who wanted him to retire 15 years ago.

When The Undertaker placed his gloves, jacket, and hat in the center of the ring at WrestleMania 33, fans knew it was over. Still, WWE has said absolutely nothing regarding his status and if he’ll ever be back, but no one really expects to see him wrestle again.

According to Wrestling Inc., a number of viewers noticed during this week’s Monday Night Raw that Michael Cole referenced The Undertaker. It was the first time he had been mentioned in more than a month, and it was all about how he might have wrestled his final match.

the undertaker retirement status monday night raw vince russo
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During the opening match, Cole referenced that Roman Reigns “perhaps” sent The Undertaker into retirement after their WrestleMania match. WWE is never going to actually end things for good because it is hard to shut the lid on a career that is as historic as his.

Still, they’ve only made slight references here and there about ever seeing him again but hearing Cole actually say that “perhaps” The Undertaker is retired could mean he’s totally done for. It was just last month that The Sun reported The Undertaker had arrived at the David H. Koch Pavilion Hospital in New York, but it wasn’t known why he was there.

That hospital is ranked as the best in the country for orthopedics, which means he could finally get the hip replacement surgery he’s needed for so long. While there may never be another huge match for The Undertaker, fans can be happy he was around as long as he was and for the matches he delivered.

With that being said, Pop Culture is reporting that there is one former head WWE/WCW writer who was looking to have The Undertaker retire 15 years ago.

the undertaker retirement status monday night raw vince russo
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Vince Russo is a name that longtime wrestling fans know well, and his name doesn’t jog the best of memories. On the latest edition of WWE Network’s Table For Three, Eric Bischoff joined Michael Hayes and Jim Cornette to discuss a number of things, and Russo’s name was eventually brought up.

It is obvious from the start that all three men don’t care for Russo, but after it was over, Hayes then drops a bombshell that has never been heard before. Hayes claims that Russo was looking to “retire” The Undertaker 15 years ago. That would have been in 2002, which was when the former champion was doing his biker gimmick.

Russo was with WWE at the time, and Hayes insists that he is telling the truth, and the former writer was looking to end Taker’s career very early.

Fans have asked a number of fans how this retirement angle would have worked and all that, but not much more information was made available. Finally, Vince Russo himself decided to chime in and let the world know that it would have just been an angle and not forever.

Whether it was an angle or not, the idea of The Undertaker retiring long before he was close to being done in WWE would have been absurd. Fast forward to 2017, and it does now seem as if the legend is officially done.

The Undertaker hit a point in his wrestling career where he truly had nothing further to prove in WWE or anywhere. He had won world titles and had been in the main event of countless pay-per-views while becoming a true legend in the sport. Still, fans are having a hard time moving on, and Michael Cole may have simply said what everyone already knew anyway. It’s just a good thing that Vince Russo wasn’t allowed to retire the icon halfway before his career was even over.

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