Marissa Hermer Didn’t See Her Daughter After Birth: ‘Ladies Of London’ Star Had A Hard Time Connecting

Marissa Hermer has been on Ladies of London for a few years, but one could argue that the previous season of the show was one of the more emotional ones for her. Hermer was pregnant with her daughter Sadie when the season began and on bedrest. Hermer told the viewers that she was expecting a touch-and-go delivery because of all the complications she had during the pregnancy. As viewers saw on Ladies of London, Hermer had a horrible delivery, and her husband, Matt, was concerned about her well-being after the birth. She even admitted that she struggled a bit with depression.

According to a new People report, Marissa Hermer opened up about the birth and how she and Sadie are doing these days. Hermer gave birth to her daughter on April 21, 2016, and it was a very scary time. Matt didn’t know whether the baby would survive, and there was a chance that Marissa could end up fighting for her life as well. Luckily, both of them survived and are both thriving today.

“It was a very scary time,” Marissa revealed to People in an exclusive interview about her life after the birth, adding, “When you’re faced with not knowing how your life is going to change in the next five hours, you feel a deep and great love for your family.”

But Hermer did struggle a bit after the birth. Because of the premature birth and all of the complications, Marissa admits that she didn’t meet her daughter until five days after the birth. Apparently, she had been so anxious about how things would play out that when she finally met Sadie, she didn’t connect with her. Hermer tells people that she “had a hard time connecting to her,” which could have resulted in her postpartum depression.

Of course, stress related to pregnancies can affect people in different ways. While some people may be excited about the baby doing well, others may want to stay with the baby. As for Marissa Hermer, she reveals that she started putting up her own boundaries and was scared to get too connected to her daughter in case something went wrong. She was mentally preparing for a heartbreak.

Now that Sadie is just over a year old, Hermer admits that they are both doing wonderfully now. Plus, Sadie has gained weight and is doing very well considering she’s a premature baby. Marissa admits that her cheeky personality is keeping her big brothers, Max and Jake, on their toes.

On Ladies of London, Marissa Hermer also opened up about her business, the possibility of moving to the United States, and taking care of her family. Last year, she opened up about her life before Sadie, and it was hectic enough back then.

“My plate is been pretty full since last season. Matt and I welcomed Jake to our little family and we’ve discovered that two boys under the age of three is a juggle. But we certainly love the circus act of it all. While I was pregnant with Jake, I was craving hotdogs milkshakes and fries – clearly nostalgic for my own childhood Southern California foods. I couldn’t find a good ‘ol American hot dog spot in London – so decided to open one myself. But this time, unlike the dirty water dogs I loved in New York City, our hot dogs would be full of all the good stuff – free-range, grass-fed meats and great fresh toppings – as a mom and wife, I now care about what I’m fuelling my family with,” Marissa Hermer revealed to Bravo after she welcomed her second son, Jake, to the family back in 2015.

It is awesome to hear that her family is thriving and her baby girl is doing well. Hopefully, Hermer will return for another season of Ladies of London.

What do you think of Marissa Hermer’s post-pregnancy concerns? What do you think about her being scared over the birth?

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