Anchorman Love Interest: Kristin Wiig Could Join Will Ferrell Sequel As Steve Carell’s Girlfriend

An Anchorman love interest could be the latest role for Bridesmaids star Kristin Wiig.

Wiig is rumored to be joining the case of Anchorman 2, playing the love interest of Steve Carell’s character Brick Tamland. TheWrap reports that the movie is still in its formative stages, with no finished script and no actors signed on outside of the Channel 4 News Team — Carell, Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, and David Koechner.

Anchorman 2 is set to film sometime next year, and director Adam McKay told The Playlist that it will include some song interludes. McKay is known to throw songs into his movies, as he did in the first Anchorman with “Afternoon Delight” and Step Brothers with “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”

The original Anchorman featured the adventures of a 1970s news team at a San Diego station. It made more than $90 million worldwide.

The Anchorman love interest role for Kristin Wiig would be part of a busy slate she’s had since leaving Saturday Night Live. She’s done a number of movies, including some indies, and in 2013 has four movies lined up: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Ben Stiller, The Skeleton Twinswith Bill Hader and the indies Imogene and Hateship, Friendship.

But no Bridesmaids 2, Wiig notes.

“We’re not planning on doing one. We had a special time making the first one, but we’re really excited to try something else,” Wigg told E! News in January.

The Anchorman love interest role shows that Kristin Wiig is solidly among comedy’s A-list, the New York Daily News noted.