Melania Trump: At 5-Feet, 11-Inches Tall In A Size 6 Dress, Melania Looks Better Than Her Statue, Say Tourists

First Lady Melania Trump is gaining attention for a statue that was allegedly made in her likeness. However, the statue of Melania with President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is gaining attention for just how much it doesn’t look like Melania from folks who view the garden structure. As reported by the Daily Mail, the statue of Melania was sculpted by Bosnian Stevo Selak in Banja Luka. The publication notes that while the real 47-year-old Melania’s height is 5-feet 11-inches tall, and Mrs. Trump’s weight is comparable to those of that height that can fit in a size 6 dress, Melania’s statue weighs much more.

In fact, Selak says his statue of Melania weighs about 661 pounds, or 300 kilograms. Whereas Selak believes he captured the essence of Melania’s beauty and elegance in his creation, others see it differently. Selak did go to great lengths to try and get Melania’s hair just right, with the sculptor consulting hair stylists to try and copy Melania’s mane.

“I did Melania in her measurements of 90-60-90. People say I really got her characteristics with this sculpture. Real life Melania is elegant, while my sculpture of gypsum and iron weighs around 300 kilograms.”

Selak also found it more daunting to make a sculpture version of Melania than when he created the sculptures of the men, because the artist explained that women possessing more curves made the task more demanding and challenging.

The statue of Melania isn’t the only thing gaining buzz surrounding the president’s wife. Melania’s hometown has “First Lady” tours that last five hours, reports Vanity Fair. The town of Sevnica may only have 5,000-people in the Slovenia location, but that hasn’t stopped the town from creating a tour based on Melania and President Trump.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Sevnica has experienced an increase in tourists checking out Melania’s hometown. The tours of Melania’s hometown include stops at a factory where Melania’s mother created clothing for kids, as well as Mrs. Trump’s childhood home. At a cost of $90 to $300, the tours of Melania’s childhood stomping grounds are being run by a variety of firms.

Certain tours take people from the scenic Slovenian coast to a wine tasting tour as well as a culinary tour. One tour focuses on Melania’s elementary school, her first apartment and by the white house that Melania’s parents still own. Photos on social media of the tour display pies with the letter M atop them, along with the U.S. flag. There are delicacies with “First Lady” written on them, as well as a burger with fried cheese on top, designed to resemble President Trump’s mane.

Feedback about Melania’s statue and hometown tour from social media can be read below.

“Melania Trump statue is getting a lot of attention, does it look like her?”

“Melania Trump gets a statue that doesn’t look anything like her. The statue looks real!”

“Meanwhile…Melania tRUMP’s getting a statue in tribute…not sure for what….”

“Melania : Move over Ronaldo, the First Lady’s newly erected statue is JUST as bad.”

“Do you think the statue looks like Melania? My answer: No, this looks nothing like her. What do you think?”

“There’s a Melania Trump tour in Sevnica, Slovenia and it looks kind of fun.”

Comedian Jim Jeffries told Vulture that the Melania tour wasn’t that popular the day he showed up to take the tour.

“Well, there was an official tour, and they thought the tourism would be a big thing, but on the day that I showed up — and we didn’t direct it this way — I was the only person who wanted to take the tour. It was just me, and this guy’s talking about how tourism has doubled.”

[Featured Image by Patrick Semansky/AP Images]