Vinny Ventiera’s Ex, Izzy Goodkind, Now Happy In Relationship

Vinny Ventiera is heading back to paradise. The Bachelorette season 12 (JoJo Fletcher’s season) and Bachelor in Paradise season 3 alum was announced on Tuesday as one of the cast members of Bachelor in Paradise season 4, which has just started filming. As fans may recall, Vinny left season 3 of the spin-off after getting his heart broken by Izzy Goodkind. Izzy, an alum of Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor(season 20), blindsided him when she dumped him after finding herself more attracted to a new arrival. Things quickly got bad for Izzy however, and after she had realized that her new love potential wasn’t interested in her, she tried to make amends with Vinny, only to be rejected by him.

Yet Izzy may actually tune in when season 4, which premieres on Tuesday, Aug. 8, airs and cheer Vinny on in his quest to find love because she’s now in a happy relationship. For the past several weeks, Izzy has posted photos on her Instagram page showing off her new relationship. The photos show her looking very happy in love.

In one photo‘s caption, Izzy shared that she and her boyfriend, named Matt, were friends first before entering into a romantic relationship. She admitted that they had a lot of sexual tension with one another. She also left one comment sharing that she waited for him.

“izzygoodkind: @mtrembicki good things come to those who wait. I waited.???????????”

With another photo, Izzy thanked Matt for making her so happy.

Lace Morris, who was on Bachelor in Paradise with Izzy and Vinnie, complimented Izzy on how happy she looks. Izzy told Lace that she was beyond happy and that she misses her. During the season, Izzy and Vinny frequently hung out with Lace and her romantic interest, Grant Kemp. After Izzy and Vinny broke up, it made Lace and Grant question their own relationship. As it happened, Lace and Grant got engaged on the season 3 finale episode, but the relationship ended shortly after the season aired.

“lacemorris3: You look happy!”

“izzygoodkind@lacemorris3 understatement???????? miss you!! Cx”

On Bachelor in Paradise season 3, Izzy Goodkind and Vinny Ventiera became a couple almost immediately and remained together for weeks. They both frequently talked about how happy they were with one another and their desire to continue the relationship outside of paradise.

Yet when Brett Melnick, who was on Andi Dorfman’s The Bachelorette season (season 10), arrived late to the scene, Izzy quickly became enamored with him. Izzy’s physical attraction to Brett was so strong that despite not even having had a real conversation with him, she was willing to end her relationship with Vinny to have a chance with Brett. When Izzy admitted to Vinny how she was feeling, he was visibly crushed and made the decision to leave paradise immediately. During their last talk together, Vinny criticized Izzy for throwing their relationship away for someone she barely knew.

“[When] I saw you, I was like, ‘This is why I’m here’…You’re willing to throw it all away for a guy who just walked in, based on physical attraction. I’m heartbroken… The way that you handled yourself yesterday just showed me who you are.”

In Vinny’s tearful confessional interview before leaving paradise, Vinny admitted that he even saw himself marrying Izzy.

Izzy’s behavior and treatment of Vinny received a lot of public criticism. Viewers lashed out at Izzy for leaving Vinny. The criticism got so bad that even Vinny stepped in. As the Inquisitr reported, Vinny tweeted for people to stop bullying Izzy.

As it turned out, Izzy didn’t get very far with Brett. While they enjoyed a date together, Brett later pursued Lauren Himle upon her arrival. Brett then didn’t give Izzy a rose. After Brett’s rejection, she was sent home. Izzy tearfully called Vinny on the phone, who told her that she blew it with him.

Yet, as the Inquisitr reported, Izzy and Vinnie actually reconciled and became friends after filming. Izzy even went to Vinnie’s birthday party last October.

Following the release of the Bachelor in Paradise season 4 cast, Vinny Ventiera posted a photo of himself sitting in the plane, presumably off to Mexico to film the show and hopefully find a romantic partner. If he does find someone, perhaps he and Izzy Goodkind will go on a double date?

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