Vinny Ventiera Sticks Up For Izzy Goodkind Despite ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Breakup

The latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise started off with Izzy Goodkind and Vinny Ventiera having a tear-jerking conversation after Izzy confessed to him the night before that she was attracted to newcomer Brett Melnick, from Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette, and wanted to explore a possible relationship with him. Vinny, in tears, told Izzy that he was going to leave. While Izzy sobbed and begged him to stay, Vinny, heartbroken over Izzy’s feelings, got into a van and left.

Yet despite the hurt and anger that Vinny had towards Izzy when he left the show, they have apparently reconciled as friends. Early on Tuesday, in response to a viewer who pointed out that Izzy was hanging out with Alex Woytkiw, who like Vinny was on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, Izzy tweeted that they’re all very good friends who have gone through similar situations.

Does Vinny himself consider Izzy a good friend? On Tuesday night, in response to people bashing and criticizing Izzy for what she did to Vinny, Vinny spoke up to defend her. Vinny thanked his fans for their support but asked that they stop bullying Izzy. Vinny pointed out that she’s a real person and that some of the comments that people have written about her will hurt her.

In response to Vinny sticking up for her, Izzy said that he’s the best.

On Instagram, Vinny described what happened with Izzy as a “tough situation” and thanked people for their support and kind words.

Vinny also thanked his co-stars Nick Viall, Evan Bass, Jared Haibon, and Daniel Macguire for their friendship and support.

Izzy likewise thanked some co-stars for their support of her. In response to Josh Murray’s tweet that both she and Vinny are incredible people, Izzy thanked him and Amanda Stanton for their friendship and support. After Vinny left, Izzy cried to Josh and Amanda and was consoled by them.

On Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Izzy Goodkind confessed to Vinny Ventiera that when Brett Melnick showed up, she felt an immediate attraction to him. Izzy, who told the other women that Brett is physically the perfect man for her, even told Vinny that while she was previously 100 percent sure about being in a serious relationship with him, she was now only 70 percent sure with the arrival of Brett. Izzy’s strong feelings for Brett, despite not even having talked and spent much time with him, shocked everyone since Izzy and Vinny had been coupled up since day one and they seemed so in love.

Blindsided and in shock, Vinny questioned how Izzy could just throw away their relationship just because she found Brett good looking. In a confessional interview, Vinny said that he even saw marriage with Izzy.

The next morning, Vinny told Nick Viall, Evan Bass, Jared Haibon, and Daniel Macguire what happened with Izzy. The news took all of the men by surprise. When Vinny said that he just wanted to leave because he didn’t want to be Izzy’s second choice, Nick advised him not to do anything rash. Nick pointed out that Paradise was a crazy situation and that Izzy may just be confused. Vinny agreed that he will have one last talk with Izzy before finalizing his decision.

During his talk with Izzy, Vinny voiced his hurt, disappointment, and anger.

“[When] I saw you, I was like, ‘This is why I’m here’…You’re willing to throw it all away for a guy who just walked in, based on physical attraction. I’m heartbroken… The way that you handled yourself yesterday just showed me who you are.”

Izzy said that she wasn’t able to talk to him about her “doubts” even before Brett walked in, “doubts” that Vinny clearly didn’t suspect. When Vinny told her that he was leaving, she sobbed and apologized for hurting him yet she didn’t deny that she still want to explore a relationship with Brett. As Vinny left, Izzy continued sobbing in a bathroom.

Vinny’s departure happened shortly after Sarah Herron left. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Daniel Maguire, who declined to give Sarah a rose despite earlier pursing her, explained on Monday night that he didn’t feel a strong enough romantic connection with Sarah.

Prior to Bachelor in Paradise, Izzy was on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor. While she was sent home after the first night on Bachelor, she has remained on Paradise so far since the premiere episode, making her one of the cast members who has so far been there the longest. In a recent interview with the blog Style Squad NYC, Izzy talked about being on the spin-off. She called it an “unbelievable experience” and talked about the great people she met there. She add that she continues to have great relationships with some of the other cast members to this day.

“I have met the most amazing people that other wise would not have come into my life and I am so beyond thankful for that. It is truly an experience I will not forget…I stayed true to myself the entire time, and that’s what matters the most. I am so thankful for the experience and all the people I met along the way, and continue to have great relationships with to this day.”

While Izzy has received quite some criticism on blogs and social media for what happened with Vinny, Izzy doesn’t have any regrets about what she did while on the show.

“ZERO REGRETS. One cannot dwell on the past. Everything happens for a reason – I am a strong believer in that.”

Izzy did say that she wishes the producers showed more of her funny and goofy side, especially during her interactions with Vinny. She said that they were constantly laughing and being goofy with one another, something that viewers didn’t see.

“If anything I think I they could have shown more of my funny and goofy side! Especially my relationship with Vinny – it is so hilarious and we are constantly laughing and being goofy – they don’t show much of that.”

A week ago, Izzy posed a snapshot from her double date with Vinny and Lace Morris and Grant Kemp. In her caption, she described Vinny as “amazing.”

As for whether viewers will see Izzy Goodkind have a romantic connection with Brett Melnick now that Vinny Ventiera is out of the picture, Izzy didn’t give any spoilers but only said that viewers will have to keep watching to see if she leaves Bachelor inParadise in love.

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