Kelly Ripa Ratings Nightmare! Her Show Reportedly Crashes Soon After Adding Ryan Seacrest To ‘Live’

Kelly Ripa’s new show, Fire Island, has struggled to gain viewers ever since she announced Ryan Seacrest as her new co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. In order to attract new viewers, Ripa is reportedly enlisting the help of Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen. Can Ripa save her show before it’s too late?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Ripa is convinced that adding Cohen will boost ratings and prevent her show’s cancellation. Cohen has helped out shows in the past and could certainly lend his reality expertise to Ripa. Whether or not he can actually save Ripa’s crashing series, however, is another matter. Not only is nobody watching the show, but fans can’t find a single cast member to support because they are all terrible.

With Fire Island on the verge of disaster, Ripa is allegedly starting to worry about the fate of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Despite a strong first week with Seacrest, Live has experienced a steady drop in ratings over the past month. Even worse, insiders claim that the poor ratings are causing huge fights behind the scenes.

A source told Radar Online that Ripa wasn’t happy with ABC’s decision to hire Seacrest in the first place. Kelly Ripa reportedly wanted a co-host she could boss around, not someone of Seacrest’s celebrity status.

“Kelly wanted someone she could boss around — and that isn’t Ryan,” the source revealed. “He’s as big of a star as she is! Maybe even bigger! Kelly preferred someone less well-known.”

Ripa and Seacrest have not commented on the rumors surrounding their show. While we wait to learn what happens, Fox News reports that Cohen shared a piece of advice for Seacrest shortly after he was cast with Ripa. Cohen, who is a longtime friend of the daytime talk show host, warned Seacrest to never underestimate her.

“I think [Ryan Seacrest] should not underestimate how smart she is. I just don’t think he should underestimate her in any way. [Kelly’s] smart. She’s been doing that show for a long time. She’s a business woman, a great mom…”

Despite the rumors, Ripa appeared thrilled when she first introduced Seacrest last month. In fact, Seacrest has even adjusted his schedule so that he can film more days in New York. For now, it seems as though Seacrest and Ripa are willing to work things out for the sake of their show.

Although ratings for Live are down, producers are hoping a certain political guest might change that. According to The Star, Ripa and Seacrest are getting ready to interview Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during their special trip to Canada. What will the three talk about during their interview?

“A lot of the conversation is going to be about him, him personally… in addition to being the leader of your country. We’re going to have 3,000 people in the audience and I think everyone will be really excited to see him,” producer Michael Gelman explained. “We will be brushing upon things that are going on in the news; but again, we’re not a news show, we don’t pretend to be a news show. But we can’t ignore things that are happening out there.”

Gelman later added that he believes Trudeau will be a huge attraction for their fan base. The interview will mark the first time a sitting prime minister from Canada has been on the show. The special occasion will be filmed in Niagara Falls on Monday and will include guest appearances from Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) and singer Erin Bowman.

Catch Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest in new episodes of Live with Kelly and Ryan weekdays on ABC.

[Featured Image by Disney/ABC]