‘Roseanne’ Revival: Where Will The Conners Be In The Present Day?

The Roseanne revival is already exciting fans and the show hasn’t even started filming yet. However, everyone is talking about where the Conner family may be in the present day. Even the stars of the show are interested to find out what the family will be up to when the revival begins airing. Laurie Metcalf, who played Roseanne’s sister, Jackie, on the series, weighed in with her thoughts on the new revival storyline.

According to the New York Daily News, Laurie Metcalf says that politics could be a part of the Roseanne revival. In fact, the actress claims that it wouldn’t surprise her if some of the family members from the sitcom may be pro-Trump. Laurie says like so many other families around the country, it could be likely that the Conner family may be divided when it comes to their political views and their feelings about the current President of the United States, Donald Trump.

“I bet it has split the family. I bet like (in) some other families, the family is split.”

Laurie Metcalf also admitted that she is totally on board with filming a Roseanne revival, but she has no idea what the story will be, or what the Conners lives will be like. The star says she has yet to see a script, but she believes the family will be living in the same town and house that fans watched them live, love, and laugh in during the original series.

Roseanne revival news: Laurie Metcalf weighs in on new episodes.
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“I haven’t seen a script. I don’t know where the Conner family is going to be in 2017, but they’ll probably still be living in the same house in the same town. It’ll be interesting to see the family that we know during this time now, brought up to present day and what they’ve been up to and how they’re coping.”

Meanwhile, fans are wondering how the show will work after the unusual end to the original series. In the series finale of the show, Roseanne revealed that her sister Jackie was gay, her daughter Darlene wasn’t married to David, but to Becky’s husband, Mark, and that her husband Dan had died from a heart attack. Roseanne admits in the finale that she changed the things about her life that she didn’t like for a book she was writing.

Now, everyone is wondering what will happen in the Roseanne revival and whether John Goodman will reprise his role as Dan Conner. However, sources are saying that the events of the series finale will most likely be completely ignored, and the show will continue on with the dynamics that fans were used to seeing. However, one thing will be very different.

Roseanne revival news: Laurie Metcalf weighs in on new episodes.
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The Roseanne revival will have to explain the absence of the character Mark. As many fans know, actor Glenn Quinn, who played Mark Healy on the show, died in 2002 from a drug overdose. The revival will have to either recast the character, which isn’t likely, or explain where Mark is. Fans believe that the show may kill off the character, or even have him be deployed with the military.

In addition, rumors are flying that Darlene and her husband David may not be married in the revival. Since Sarah Chalke, who played Becky in later seasons of the show, has been confirmed to have been cast in a different role, speculation is rising that Darlene may be gay in the revival, and Chalke could be playing her girlfriend or wife.

What are your thoughts on the latest Roseanne revival news? Where do you think the Conner family will be up to in the present day? Do you want politics to play a role in the new episodes?


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