Lindsay Lohan Shares, And Then Deletes, A Racy Instagram Featuring Serious Side Boob

Lindsay Lohan has been attempting to regain her status in Hollywood for several years now, to very little avail, but recently the star snapped a racy photo for her Instagram and then deleted it in embarrassment. However, it seems nobody has learned that anything you put on the Internet is there forever, and Lindsay Lohan’s nearly nude photo was already captured by several fans before it was pulled from her social media account.

The star is pictured on all fours on a bed, with a sparkly dress half off, revealing her side boob and a pretty generous shot of her bottom.

“Night time,” the actress captioned the photo.

And although she may be embarrassed by it, it will, no doubt, live in infamy thanks to the glory of screenshots.

Lindsay Lohan has had her fair share of troubles lately, as she was recently sued by a chauffeur for not paying the total amount of money she owed him. Evidently, he also spotted her a cool $1400 for a couple of night’s stay at a hotel with the assumption that he would be paid back, but he never saw the money. The suit defaulted in his favor when Lohan didn’t show up to court and was instead seen partying in London with her friends that evening.

Despite her legal woes, Lindsay Lohan is working on several new projects and business ventures. It was recently reported by Page Six that the star will be unveiling her own jewelry line in the near future, but it is unclear what will be a part of it.

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In addition to the jewelry line, Lindsay Lohan is working on a new series she plans to pitch to Netflix about Russian oligarchs. The 30-year-old star has been linked to filthy rich Russian, Egor Tarabasov, as the pair were once engaged. This would give her quite the leg up in producing a series about wealthy Russians. Her relationship with Tarabasov, however, broke down in July of 2016 with rumors that he had attempted to kill her and video surfacing of him violently twisting her arm in a scuffle over a cell phone.

A source close to LiLo dished on the new series.

“She was saying she’s writing it with a partner for Netflix. And that they’re writing it every day while she’s in town. She described it as being about ‘Russian oligarchs’ — three princesses, and covering different ages. She plans to act and co-direct or direct, but said she hasn’t decided yet. She was saying she’s going to Moscow to see some of the people that are working on it with her,” the source said.

Evidently, Lindsay Lohan has described the series similar to Brit Marling’s bizarre Netflix drama, The OA, which garnered mixed reviews.

It’s also been reported that LiLo will star in a yet-to-be picked up series called The Antisocial Network in which Lindsay hijacks people’s social medias for 24 hours. It is unclear if this is a scripted show or reality based.

“I love social media. I am social media. Everybody knows you should never leave your phone lying around — especially near me,” she said.

Lindsay Lohan also made waves when it was rumored that the former party girl has converted to Islam. When asked directly on a British chat show whether or not that was the case, she responded that she didn’t want to comment on something she hasn’t yet finished. Her father denied the claim that his daughter is becoming Muslim.

Lohan, however, revealed that on a flight back to Turkey, she was asked to remove her hijab, which she wears sometimes. The flight attendant, however, was not aware that she was Lindsay Lohan until he saw her identification.

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