New UFO Sighting Caught On Video In Britain’s ‘UFO Capital’ Of Warminster, Somerset

UFO sightings seem to be the norm in Warminster, Somerset, dubbed Britain’s “UFO Capital,” and there has been yet another alleged UFO sighting in recent days there. A resident of Somerset managed to film a strange, shimmery streak of light that twisted and swirled in circles in the sky. The UFO appeared to be directly above Cley Hill, by the site of an old Bronze Age hillfort near Frome, and over land owned by the National Trust in Corsley. The video itself was captured at the end of Longleat Estate in Somerset.

The Somerset resident who captured the UFO on video noted that the area is well known for UFO sightings, as Somerset Live reported.

“I took this video from my house in Frome last night. It was over the Cley Hill area I think, which is always a hotspot for UFOs.”

This same hill in Somerset where the strange lights and UFO sighting occurred days ago is a place where people regularly visit to look for UFOs and where lights and “other unidentifiable oddities” described as UFOs have been seen and talked about for the past 40 years. Britain’s “UFO Capital” is no stranger to events like the UFO that the Longleat Estate resident believes he may have filmed.

Where UFO watchers have been visiting for 40 years, Cley Hill in Warminster, Somerset, the ‘UFO Capital’ of Britain. [Image by Matt Cardy/Getty Images]

Nigel Viel, a local Somerset resident, explained that Warminster has been known as the “UFO Capital” since the first reported UFO was spotted in the vicinity during the 1960s.

“Some experts have gone as far as to describe the nearby town of Warminster as Britain’s UFO capital on account of a phenomena first encountered in the mid-1960s that became known as the ‘Warminster Thing’. Strange noises were heard in the skies above the town, and an equally strange shimmering light was observed in the vicinity.”

Nigel has been quick to point out that while UFO enthusiasts regularly visit Cley Hill, Warminster, to see if they too will be able to spot UFOs, there are other areas locally that have also been affected by this same phenomenon of reported UFO sightings.

“More recently, a report in the local press recorded the experiences of a number of people who witnessed a UFO in the skies in June 2001. A slow-moving bright light was spotted at Semington which was buzzed by an aircraft. Later, a number of people in Trowbridge saw an object comprised of three lights in a triangular formation heading west towards Warminster.”

This phenomenon of strange events, odd-looking lights, and reported UFO sightings in Warminster, Somerset, is believed to have started on August 17, 1965. On this particular day, there was something that sounded very much like the noise of a detonation being conducted, and local residents spotted a massive orange flame in the skies above them.

After this as-yet unexplained event, UFO enthusiasts began searching the skies and noticing odd things were occurring frequently, the Daily Mail reported.

Besides reports of UFOs, Warminster is prone to many other strange events, like the time that there was an unusual design in a wheat field that measured approximately 200 feet across.

[Image by Matt Cardy/Getty Images]

Some residents and UFO enthusiasts believe that the high frequency of UFO sightings in Warminster may possibly be attributed to the fact that Avebury and Stonehenge are so close. There are two ley lines in the vicinity, and some believe that this may also be a contributing factor to reports of UFOs.

However, some have been called conspiracy theorists for their belief that there is actually secret military work taking place around Salisbury Plain, and this is what Nick Pope, who is the UFO investigator to the Ministry of Defense, thinks may be the case with the most recent UFO sighting above Cley Hill.

“At the risk of people saying I’m still secretly working for the government, debunking UFO sightings, I’m going to suggest this is a light aircraft, or perhaps a drone, carrying out some sort of spectacular, acrobatic flying display.”

After watching the video of the UFO sighting above Cley Hill in Warminster, Somerset, do you believe that the lights seen could be coming from a UFO?

[Featured Image by Matt Cardy/Getty Images]

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