‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Nicole Makes Lizzy Custody Grab, Maya Devastated

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards) might soon have a shot to get back her biological daughter, Lizzy Forrester, from her sister, Maya Avant (Karla Mosley). A deeply wounded Nicole struggles with the harsh news that she can never bear another biological child. The fertility doctor told Nicole there’s scarring in her uterus, so pregnancy is not an option. What Nicole does next could rip the Avant family apart.

Nicole Lashes Out at Rick and Maya

With Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) and Maya till in Paris, things heat up from afar. Nicole talks to Rick on the phone and calls him out for their poor parenting. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps say Rick is stunned on Monday at Nicole’s vitriol and worried about what’s coming next. Another shift in the complicated family dynamics comes the next day from fresh new Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Other Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central reveal that on Tuesday, Nicole isn’t done criticizing Lizzy’s adoptive parents. Nicole accuses Maya of pursuing fame and her modeling career over the daughter she wanted Nicole to give her. Maya is stunned at Nicole’s anger, but she understands her sister’s pain over her secondary infertility diagnosis. The Avants might shatter.

Critical Mistake Puts Lizzy’s Future Up for Grabs

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Opera Digest reveal Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) brings a legal matter to Rick’s attention that will put Lizzy’s future at risk. According to SOD, Carter goes through the adoption papers and finds a stunning error. There is a mistake on the part of the documents about who has the power to make decisions regarding Lizzy.

Carter brings the oversight to Rick’s attention, say new Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, and tells Rick they need to deal with this conundrum ASAP. Carter is in the dark about Nicole’s infertility news and the storm brewing among the Avant clan regarding Lizzy. Rick is Lizzy’s biological father, so his rights are not a concern. However, it’s Maya who might be at risk of losing Lizzy.

Lizzy Calls Nicole “Mama”

Recent Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from the soap magazines say Nicole makes up her mind when Lizzy calls her mama. Lizzy’s confusion is a sign to Nicole that she’s spending more time with the baby than Maya. Nicole is also frustrated that Lizzy is being shuttled from person to person at Forrester Creations, as well as between nannies, rather than having a consistent parental influence.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also say Julius Avant (Obba Babatunde) will be Nicole’s top cheerleader and urges her to take custody of Lizzy from Maya. Julius barely tolerates Maya, and now that he knows his precious baby girl Nicole lost her one shot at carrying a biological baby by birthing Lizzy, he’ll turn back to his old hateful ways. Julius’ actions could alienate Maya.

Explosive Custody Battle?

Recent Bold and the Beautiful spoilers give hints that there could be a big war brewing for custody of Lizzy, which would make for exciting viewing on B&B. However, the CBS soap is also known for building up to conflict and then dissipating it without a fiery climax. Remember when Sasha Thompson (Felisha Cooper) lied and said she was pregnant last year?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hinted that would be a big conflict that could have torn Nicole and Zende apart. But instead of blowing up into something complex, B&B ended it within two episodes when Sasha admitted she lied and said sorry. It will be disappointing if Nicole suddenly has a change of heart, hands back Lizzy to Maya without a fight, and decides to adopt or find a surrogate.

Who Should Get Lizzy?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers remind us that Nicole and Rick are Lizzy’s biological parents, so if this does crank up into something more dramatic, Maya might have no more rights to the baby than a stepmother married to a biological dad. Zende’s feelings are important to consider since he hated, for a long time, that Nicole was carrying a child of another man.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers wonder how Zende will feel about Nicole having shared custody of her baby with another man rather than just being a surrogate. The baby story could be a fascinating plot with implications for years to come if Bold goes down that road and lets it blow up the Forresters and Avants. We’ll see more this week, according to the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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