Hamid Malaika’s Facebook Rant Goes Viral On Twitter – But Is ISIS Post Real Or Fake Screenshot?

Hamid Malaika is a popular name going viral on social media, all because of a comment beneath a Facebook post being attributed to Hamid. The Facebook post allegedly said “RIP to all who lost their lives in the war,” but its Hamid’s alleged comment that is being passed around social media aplenty. A search for Malaika’s name on Twitter and Facebook results in screenshots of the following wording in a comment allegedly published by Hamid.

“Nobody gives a s*** about your ‘fallen.’ ISIS are coming to take over England and there’s not a jack you can do about it. We are going to make Britain an Islamic state, we will cancel Christmas and abolish Easter. We will rape all the 13 [year] old girls and they will have our babies. And we will make your British scum a minority.”

With such a horrific and troubling comment floating around social media, folks are wondering if the comment is real and if Hamid is a real person or a victim of a Photoshop creation designed to inflame hate. A search for the name “Hamid Malaika” on Facebook does not result in any readily findable Facebook accounts with that name that show a profile photo similar to the one being spread around in the screenshot images. Whereas some people are automatically ranting back at Hamid, others are noting that they can’t find any information about Malaika on social media.

“I can’t [find] any Hamid Malaika on Twitter and others looked on Facebook and couldn’t find him there either. I wonder where this tweet originated?”

The comment allegedly made by Hamid seems to have been popularized by Twitter tweets that claim London was warned before the most recent terrorist attacks. According to Trendolizer, the Lucid Hurricane™? account on Twitter received nearly 20,000 likes via social media accounts over a period from June 4, to June 5, although the tweet in question displays only hundreds of likes, and the Twitter account itself has fewer than 20,000 followers. Nevertheless, the trend graph via the publication shows the tweet getting plenty of attention online.

The screenshot was around as far back as 2015, with some folks realizing that the screenshots claiming Hamid Malaika worked as an assistant at Burger King, who lives in London, United Kingdom, and hails from Afghan Kot, Faryab, Afghanistan, makes Hamid as fake as the “Sam Hyde” name hoax that often appears in the wake of tragedies. As reported by the Inquisitr, Internet hoaxsters often create fake screenshots or circulate fake names during times of turmoil to create more confusion and to ramp up heated feelings about a topic.

As witnessed by some of the responses to the Hamid comment being published on social media, some folks believe that Malaika is a real person, whereas as others believe the comment beneath Malaika’s name is a hoax. Some of those comments can be read below.

malaika scum sick man who works in Burger King.”

“Hamid Malaika posted a vile rant on here. He’s no longer on Twitter. Somebody must know him – pic posted on FB. Police need to see it.”

“That’s probably a fake post created by a far-right racist who wants to stir up anger and hatred. Try finding ‘Hamid Malaika’ on Facebook.”

“This Hamid Malaika terrorist nonce must be reported on Twitter for being dangerous, so that he gets investigated by MI5 or MI6.”

Whereas some people are tagging @hamidmalaika on Twitter, and warning Hamid about being hunted down, there is no evidence that the Malaika account was ever active at that location on Twitter. Nor is there evidence that the man in the photos being spread around social media is actually named Hamid Malaika.

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