Manchester Suicide Bomber’s Name Hoaxes, ISIS Claims: Photos, Videos From Manchester Arena Explosion [Graphic]

Several things are happening in the wake of the horrific explosions in Manchester, England. The bombing was likely at the hands of a suicide bomber in Manchester, according to Reuters UK, and prior to the name of the suspected suicide bomber being released, people on social media are taking guesses at the name of the male suicide bomber — with some folks passing around fake names of suicide bombers. One hoax claims the Manchester suicide bomber’s name is Samil Al-Hayidd, which is just a play on the “Sam Hyde” hoax that is generally passed around social media in the wake of a terrorist attack.

The blast at the music venue in Manchester, England, killed as many as 19 people in or around Manchester Arena. On Instagram, the #manchesterarena hashtag has nearly 50,000 posts right now, with one of the most popular posts showing a graphic video of a man bleeding beneath his legs, with the Turkish description translated in English to the following words.

“Last minute! The Manchester Arena is also said to have been a lot of dead and wounded!”

Women And Children Likely Bombing Targets At Manchester Arena

As seen in the top photo, police helped people leave the Manchester Arena on May 23, in Manchester, England. A child is shown in the photo, and the fact that the bombing happened in the wake of an Ariana Grande concert, most likely occupied by younger girls and their mothers, is what is being seen as a truly heinous act.

Comments being left on the Instagram page of the Manchester Arena include people who claim to have been at Ariana’s concert when the explosion happened, just as the concert was ending.

The device was detonated at approximately 10:35 p.m. Manchester time, and videos like the one below purports to show the aftermath of the bombing.

Warning: The below video tagged with the Manchester Arena hashtag on Instagram shows disturbing content.

There were thousands of audience members departing Manchester Arena where Ariana Grande had performed. When the blasts were heard, there was chaos. Greater Manchester Police confirmed the deaths and warned people to stay away from Manchester Arena.

Grande had just walked up the stairs at the conclusion of the concert. The explosion happened outside of Manchester Arena, and now social media is abuzz with posts from a Twitter user whose handle, @owys663, now shows a suspended account. According to online buzz, the person wrote information about bombing Manchester Arena prior to the bombing.

Other threatening posts appearing on social media under the #ManchesterArena hashtag on Instagram read as follows. Whereas ISIS has not officially taken credit for the terrorist attack, according to CNN, ISIS supporters on social media are praising the attack.

“Coming at You To the Heart of Your Lands. We will continue to terrorize you and ruin your lives. Just terror is our way of bringing the flames of war to you. You boasted of your planes and missiles. So the penalty of your strikes will be paid in your lands. Today, we fight you on our land, and tomorrow on your land, by Allah’s permission. Soon, the vehicle attacks will be witnessed on your streets, by Allah’s permission. #Manchester #UK #Britain #British #ManchesterArena #ArianaGrande #Just_Terror

According to Chief Constable Ian Hopkins of the Greater Manchester Police, the incident is being treated as a terrorist incident until they know more and gather more information about the bombing. Chief Hopkins provided a number to call — 01618569400 — for those concerned about their loved ones in the wake of the blasts.

Chief Hopkins did not take any questions after the initial press conference.

Posts found under the Manchester Arena geo-tagging location on Instagram show that people have hit the streets to help reunite children with their parents after the Manchester explosion.

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