‘Southern Charm’ Star Craig Conover Passed The Bar Just In Time Because He Needs A Lawyer

Craig Conover might be using his new law license faster than expected. Days after passing the bar, the Southern Charm star was hit by a lawsuit for smashing into a cyclist. Will this be his first case as a reality lawyer?

Radar Online reports that Conover crashed into Corey Hamilton in 2014. Three years have passed and Hamilton is now asking money for “physical pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and medical expenses,” according to court records.

The incident occurred in Charleston, South Carolina, just before nightfall. Hamilton says he was traveling in the direction of general traffic when Conover hit him while backing out of his driveway. Conover was allegedly driving the same vehicle he uses on Southern Charm, and Hamilton did not seek medical help at the time of the wreck.

In the original reports, Conover said he used his horn and even stopped to attract attention while backing out. Hamilton did not have on reflective clothing or lights, which didn’t help the situation. According to Island Packet, Hamilton is asking the court to award him over $7,500 in damages. An attorney at the Mason and Bickel law firm in Charleston is heading the case.

At the time of the accident, Conover tweeted about Southern Charm’s first reunion, which was premiering on the same night. The reality star stopped posting a little before 8 p.m. that evening and did not respond until the following day. His representative, Daniel Albert, has not released a statement on the matter.


Fortunately, Pop Crush reports that Conover just passed the bar and received his law license — years after saying he was a lawyer. After passing the test and making everything official, Conover said he is thrilled about what the future holds.

“I’m just I’m so happy for it to be finally be [sic] over … It’s a huge, huge, huge relief,” he shared. “Obviously I’m excited for my future, but also just for everyone to shut up and leave me alone and let me live my life is something pretty awesome to look forward to.”

A few of his Southern Charm co-stars congratulated him on the accomplishment on social media. This includes Cameran Eubanks, who mentioned Conover’s test results and her new pregnancy in the same post. Conover’s law license has been brought up countless times on the show, so it’s good to know that he won’t be taking any more heat about it. It’s also good timing, especially given his latest lawsuit.

While Conover deals with his legal troubles, the drama is heating up on Season 4 of Southern Charm. According to ET Online, Conover found himself at the center of some controversy when he asked a psychic a strange question about his co-stars. What did Conover ask the psychic about his Southern Charm co-stars?

Season 4 promo of "Southern Charm"

“Does anyone have bad intentions for the group?” he shared in a preview clip for the coming installment.

Conover later admitted that he was not sure why he asked the question. “Even I was watching it going, ‘What the hell are you talking about, Craig?'” he explained. “It was more or less to prove a point that everyone here is rooting for each other. Everyone’s here to have fun. If so-and-so did this, it wasn’t against you or to screw you over, it’s just because they wanted to do what they did.”

Conover has not said anything about the cyclist suit and whether or not he will fight the issue in court.

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Fans can watch Conover in action when new episodes of Southern Charm air Monday nights on Bravo.

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