LAPD Email Blunder Reveals Plot To Make Arrests To Improve Image

An email blunder by a member of the Los Angeles Police Department revealed that officials intended to make arrests in order to improve their public image, according to The Atlantic Wire.

NBC4 producer Robbi Peale was working on a story about the illegal animal trafficking in the city’s fashion district when he decided to contact the department. Since police claimed they were making progress in the rabbit fur business, Peale was curious to see some arrest numbers.

Commander Andrew Smith, head of the Los Angeles Police Department’s media relations department, decided to email another officer about the situation. Unfortunately for Smith, he accidentally sent the message to Peale as well.

Here’s what the email said:

“This story could be a black eye for us if we dont have a few arrests to show. The law has been on the books for months now, and the “rabbit people” are gonna scream that we dont care. Is there any way you or your crew could make a few arrests for illegal animal purchasing so we can avoid negative coverage?”

According to the New York Daily News, the so-called “rabbit people” are none too pleased about the LAPD’s desire to arrest a few people just to make the department look better in the public eye.

Lejla Hadzimuratovic, president of Bunny World Foundation, devotes her life to rescuing rabbits from the hands of traffickers. She too was a little taken aback by the department’s email.

“I mean it’s demeaning, it’s insulting and unacceptable,” Hadzimuratovic said. “I don’t trust that they care about animal welfare.”

Commander Andrew Smith insists the arrests weren’t being made to improve the department’s standing with the public. He claimed the message was a “gentle nudge” to get officers to enforce the law.

What do you think about the LAPD email blunder? Do you think the department is truly dedicated to ending illegal animal trafficking in the city?

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