Gal Gadot Workout: Things You Need To Do To Get That Wonder Woman Figure

Wonder Woman has it all: superhuman powers, royal bloodline, and a face and body to die for. She is the epitome of what a modern woman should be, a perfect blend of strength, self-reliance, and beauty. While nothing might be done with the royal bloodline part, any woman has a chance in getting that Wonder Woman figure by doing the Gal Gadot workout found below, as well as some tips useful for anyone battling some excess poundage.

Mixed Workouts

Understandably, the ladies out there probably want to know Gal Gadot's secret Wonder Woman workout. Actually, there was no single workout for her that got her that fantastic physique. Rather, she mixed several workouts to get that stunningly toned figure fit for a superhero. And it took a lot of hard work too.

In fact, intense is probably the best word to describe the training Gal Gadot had to go through to get that toned Amazonian princess look just right. The 32-year-old actress was reported to have gone through a grueling training for six months prior to filming that included sword fighting and archery.

However, the transition to being a warrior princess could be a bit easier for Gal since she is already a warrior. After all, she is a former soldier in the Israeli Defense Force.

But for those without any inclination to do some sword fighting or archery lessons or even joining the Israeli army, the Wonder Woman figure is still possible. According to Delish, the actress worked with trainer Mark Twight to get that physique. Fortunately, the trainer revealed the gym routine that needs to be done, which is probably as close as the actual Gal Gadot workout one can get without playing with actual bow and arrows.

Fortunately, it's a mixture of routines that can be done in any gym. Stationary bike and rowing machines are used for cardio while strength training is achieved by doing squats, pull-ups, and ball throws.

Properly Toned Arms

One can't completely pull off that Wonder Woman look without a properly toned arms. Apparently, getting guns like Gal Gadot is relatively easy and requires no equipment at all.

As detailed in InStyle, getting that toned superhero sag-free biceps only require an easy four-minute workout each day. Push-ups lasting for around 30 seconds and followed by a 30-second round plank hold and the two moves repeated four times should do the trick.

A Gallon A Day

One of the best tips not only for getting that svelte Amazonian look but also to improve one's overall health is to stay properly hydrated. With today's prevalence of caffeinated and sugary drinks that dehydrate the body, it is probably a safe bet that most people are not as hydrated as they think.

For Gal Gadot, water is still the best hydrating liquid of choice. Apparently, Wonder Woman drinks a lot of H2O. The actress is said to consume one gallon of water throughout any given day.

There are a lot of reasons drinking lots of water works in any fitness plans. Water is still the best liquid to quench one's thirst especially for those on a diet who want to lose some extra pounds. Not only is water a zero-calorie thirst quencher, it also keeps hunger pangs at bay, reducing the need for unnecessary snacks.

Healthy Snacks

For Gal, late-night snacks are allowed, but one needs to be picky on what to munch on. As such, a cookie in the evening is a no-no. She usually nibbles on veggies like an avocado toast with cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and celery.

50/50 Lean Protein to Greens Ratio

For meals, Gal Gadot's trainer recommends a 50/50 mix of lean protein and greens. Among her favorites are chicken breasts and chickpea cakes, and fish with garlic, thyme, and lemon. Nutrition is an important factor to consider while on the way to a fitness goal. It is said that poor nutrition coupled with inadequate sleep could reduce the effectiveness of training by as much as 30 percent.

There you go, ladies -- Gal Gadot's secret recipe for achieving a figure worthy of an Amazonian warrior princess. But to complete the transformation, you'll have to look for your own Lasso of Truth.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]