Rob Kardashian: Blac Chyna Furious Over Mehgan James Romance, Demands Full Custody Of Dream?

Rob Kardashian dating reality star Mehgan James has him nervous what this could potentially mean for the friendship he still shares with ex-fiancée, Blac Chyna.

Reports claim that Rob Kardashian has been seeing Mehgan for the past couple of weeks, People reports, having enjoyed dates at lavish restaurants with her, and to fans’ surprise, the romance has gone unnoticed until very recently.

Now that the word is out about Rob Kardashian’s new relationship, the 30-year-old is deeply concerned how Blac Chyna will react to the news.

Despite the fact that Chyna is no longer with Rob, Kardashian very much still cares for the mother of his child, because if he could have had it his way, he would have never ended the relationship, to begin with.

Back in January, it was Blac who decided to call it quits with Rob Kardashian, having grown tired of dealing with the reality star’s mood swings, along with the endless accusations that she was cheating on her ex-fiance, who she realized was deeply insecure about himself.

In Rob’s mind, however, he feels that Chyna won’t approve of the relationship he now shares with Mehgan and the last thing he would want is for Blac to flip out and make it difficult for him to spend time with his daughter, Dream.

Rob Kardashian knows that the former stripper has a short temper, so if she doesn’t like the new relationship that the USC graduate has going on for himself, Chyna will make Rob’s life a living hell, and with Kardashian trying to better his ways by eating healthy and going to the gym, Blac’s antics could totally throw him off course.

“Rob still loves Chyna and ideally wants to be with her and her alone,” an insider tells the gossip outlet. “He hates how they fight but in the end, she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him. He misses her dearly even though she doesn’t want to be with him. Rob is still hoping they can make things work.”

Last month, after it was claimed that Rob Kardashian was seeing Mehgan James, the TV personality quickly responded to the rumor, writing on social media, “Wait reading online about some chick I’m dating Megan something. Not true never even met her or heard of her before.”

Hollywood Life, however, claims that Rob Kardashian purposely acted as if he didn’t know the reality star because he wasn’t ready for Blac Chyna to know that he’s in a new relationship — it would be something he would need to break to her in person, as opposed to hearing about it on Instagram.

“He’s terrified that Chyna will flip and dump him for good is she thinks he’s dating some other chick. He’s assured her that he isn’t hooking up with anyone and just wants to be a family man with Dream.”

Of course, lying to the mother of his child is only going to worsen the situation, but there’s also the chance that Rob Kardashian’s relationship with James didn’t work out, so as opposed to letting the world know about it, he’d rather act as if it never happened.

That way, Rob Kardashian also saves himself from the hassle of dealing with questions from Chyna, who will be more than interested to know whether Mehgan had been spending time with their child, prompting an intense argument.

Blac has openly said that while she’s no longer with Rob Kardashian, she’s very careful with the people she allows him to surround himself with — not only for the sake of the sock designer but also for the well-being of their child when Dream is spending time with her father.

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