Robby Hayes Joins ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Cast: A Woman From His Past May Surprise Him In ‘Paradise’

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The upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise is going to be a hot mess if the cast rumors turn out to be true. One contestant in particular, Robby Hayes, may face more than his fair share of drama this season and it all involves a girl he was hooking up with before the show.

Robby was the runner-up on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette. Although he didn’t get the final rose, Robby has managed to keep his name circulating in the Bachelor franchise. And not always for the right reasons.

For months, there were rumors that Robby would score the Paradise gig and he didn’t make it a secret that he wanted to go on the show. He recently moved from Florida to Los Angeles and moved in with Bachelorette Season 8 winner Jef Holm’s house along with his friend from JoJo’s season, Chase McNary.

Being in L.A. opened Robby up to more opportunities, especially when it came to dating. However, there’s one relationship he kept under wraps that may come back to haunt him when Paradise begins on August 8.

Many fans will think the woman he had a fling with is Kathryn Palmer, a recent contestant on MTV’s Are You The One, but it turns out that it’s a girl from Nick’s season of the Bachelor. More on that in a moment.

Although Robby and Kathryn posted several photos together on Instagram, Robby made it clear that they weren’t dating. He tells that he explained to Us Weekly that there was “nothing serious going on” and he chose not to get together with Kathryn as friends just in case he got picked to go on Bachelor in Paradise.

In other words, he put her on hold until he was sure that he was going to get the gig. But while he was casually hanging out with Kathryn, he was reportedly hooking up with a girl from Nick’s season of the Bachelor.

According to Reality Steve, that girl is Sarah Vendal. And whether she will show up on Bachelor in Paradise is still unknown, but Steve thinks it could happen.

Steve states that Robby will “absolutely” be part of the original cast that will appear on the August 8 premiere of Bachelor in Paradise. He goes on to say that Hayes has been “planning” to go on the show since he got dumped by JoJo Fletcher.

What he may not be planning for is a visit from Sarah Vendal. If it happens, fans can expect some serious drama — as if the show needs more.

“Remember that thing that came down a month ago regarding him possibly dating some girl from Are You the One? Yeah, well that all happened while he was basically hooking up with Sarah Vendal. But you wouldn’t know that since he never posted or told anyone about Sarah. He’s since ghosted Sarah and is doing Paradise because of course he did. They’ll either bring Sarah on and have built in drama between those two (if they decide to talk about their past), or avoid bringing Sarah on all together since they want to make it seem like Robby is looking for love. Funny.”

Clearly, it won’t surprise anyone — now that we know about Sarah’s fling with Robby — if producers bring her on the show at some point during the season.

Of course, producers tend to be slick, so if she does come on the show, expect it to happen once Robby meets someone in Paradise he’s interested in. After all, a good love triangle with a side of drama is what makes Bachelor in Paradise fun to watch.

Find out how things turn out for Robby Hayes and the other 29-or-so singles who are part of the Season 4 cast. Watch the Bachelor in Paradise season premiere at 8 p.m. ET on August 8 on ABC.

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