Nas: Why He’s Desperate For Nicki Minaj Affection After Meek Mill Split

Nas is hoping that he can woo over Nicki Minaj, following her comments on Ellen, where the female rapper made it known that she had feelings for the 43-year-old.

During her interview with DeGeneres, as mentioned by Vibe, Nicki Minaj noted that she had been spending a lot of time with Nas in recent weeks — in fact, they have become so close that the “Starships” hitmaker has even been enjoying sleepovers at his home.

Minaj gave the impression to fans that she’s certainly interested in seeing where her friendship with Nas takes her, admitting that she wouldn’t rule out the potential chance for the twosome to get together and start a full-on relationship.

Though she had plans to remain celibate and simply focus her attention on her career, she’s always had a crush on Nas, and the fact that he reportedly feels the same way about her has made Nicki realize that she should at least see where their romance takes her.

Right now, Nas isn’t labeling the 34-year-old as his girlfriend — they are friends. But according to Hollywood Life, Nas will change all of that in due time, with sources claiming that the “Favor For A Favor” star wants to get with Minaj but plans to take it slow with her.

“Nas has made it clear that he fancies the hell out of her,” the insider notes. “Their connection and chemistry is insanely strong but he’s willing to bide his time and respect her wishes. He doesn’t want just some crazy fling with her, he wants the real deal, and he knows she isn’t ready for that yet.

“Nas isn’t putting pressure on Nicki, he’s going along at her pace, but he’s also going all out to charm her. He’s pulling out all the stops and chipping away at her bit by bit. Nas teases Nicki by saying he’s going to get there eventually, so she might as well just give in now. In the meantime, he’s really enjoying the thrill of the chase.”

Earlier this week, reports had also claimed that with Nicki being back in the studio, she had been trying to book a studio session with Nas, whom she previously collaborated with on a song called “Champions” back in 2012.

Nas also played as her love interest in her music video for “Right By My Side” that very same year.

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Nas respects the fact that Minaj is playing a little hard to get. She certainly wants to start a relationship with the rapper, according to rumors, but she’s being smart about it, and if Nas is truly serious about them getting together, then he wouldn’t mind taking things slow with her.

The fact that Nicki has already been sleeping at the 43-year-old’s home should indicate that the duo is rather close to one another.

Of course, it should be mentioned that, while Minaj may find herself in a new relationship, her main focus is getting her album finalized.

The “Beez In The Trap” superstar has promised fans that they can expect her new record to hit stores later this year, having already hinted to working with the likes of Drake, Lil Wayne, and Quavo, for the upcoming project she has deemed her best body of work.

Now that she’s grown ever so close to Nas, fans shouldn’t rule out a second collaboration from the pair.

Aside from talking about her romance with Nas on Ellen, Nicki has remained rather quiet about her current love life, indicating that she’s trying to see whether dating the rap legend will eventually flourish into a full-on relationship.

Do you think Nas will get with Minaj in the end?

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