North Korea Mocks United Nations Sanctions — Nuclear Missiles Are In Development

Kim Jong-un’s foreign ministry spokesman confirmed earlier on Sunday that North Korea has again rejected United Nations’ sanctions against its citizens and entities as a hostile act. The hermit state’s spokesman also revealed that their country will continue its nuclear weapons development program. The recent development came after Kim’s warning to the United States and Donald Trump’s administration that if the alleged nuclear war will break out between Washington and Pyongyang then “hundreds of millions of Americans” will be killed.

The communist country was already warned by the United Nations to not carry on with their nuclear tests. Neighboring countries like South Korea, Japan, and China have also urged Kim Jong-un to find a diplomatic way to resolve the conflicts. However, Kim Jong-un ignored all the warning of G7 summit leaders and fired one short-range ballistic missile that has landed in the sea in Japan.

Given the recent facts and figures that Kim is not planning to stop his nuclear test development program, the United Nations Security Council on Friday expanded its targeted sanctions against the Korean Peninsula. The expansion was the first such resolution agreed by the Washington and Pyongyang’s only major ally, China, Reuters reported.

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The North Korea’s foreign ministry spokesman was quoted by KCNA news agency as responding to the United Nations’ sanctions resolution.

“The U.N.’s sanctions resolution is a crafty hostile act with the purpose of putting a curb on the DPRK’s buildup of nuclear forces, disarming it and causing economic suffocation to it.”

The said spokesman further addressed that their country is not going to stop their nuclear missile development program as the nuclear forces were “chosen to defend the sovereignty of the country and the rights to national existence and will move forward towards the final victory.”

Prior to this official rejection, North Korea’s mouthpiece, Rodong Sinmun, issued the deadly threat, warning Donald Trump’s administration that America should save the lives of hundreds of millions of its citizens by stepping back from the alleged war that may lead to World War 3.

“The US would be well advised to urgently take measures to save the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans in the mainland rather than being concerned about the security of those in South Korea.”

Apparently, this is not for the first time that North Korea and its supreme leader has mocked United Nations’ Security Council resolutions. The rejection from Kim Jong-un’s family started back in 2006 when they conducted their first ever nuclear test.

Meanwhile, Russian officials have also revealed in their statement that Kim Jong-un and his country is a direct threat to Russia. Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said that North Korea’s ballistic missile defense system is a direct threat to the Russians and in the past few months, the repeated missile tests have alarmed the livelihood of all the Russian citizens.

“Economical restrictions should be a kind of tool to invoke North Korea to a peaceful process of resolving the dispute and conflict, and not to once again deteriorate the economic solution in North Korea,” said Fomin during the international security conference in Singapore.

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Just like Russia and Japan, the United States has also struggled to slow North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.

“The United States will continue to seek a peaceful, diplomatic resolution to this situation,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley recently told the council.

As of this writing, the tension between North Korea with the rest of the world remains the same. The recent report allegedly suggests that in the coming weeks, Kim Jong-un may try to test his ballistic missiles. As he has rejected United Nations sanctions, there are chances that the concerned countries would like to resolve the issues as soon as they can. Keep checking this space for the latest news on North Korea and do share your views in the comments below about the alleged nuclear war.

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